The lupron has started

I have now had two nights of lupron. The shots themselves have not been that bad, but it’s never fun to get poked in the stomach with something sharp. I’m not looking forward to when I have to poke myself next week for two days, but I will get it done.

Last night I started feeling teary. They kept showing promo’s for Guilliana and Bill’s new season. There is one part of that commercial that always gets me teary. It’s the part when she is about to cry and talking to Bill and says, “I don’t know why we are being punished.” I have felt that. People near tears with that sound in their voice always set me off anyways. So yea. That commercial kept playing and after seeing it twice within 15 minutes it got me going. I told my husband maybe the Lupron is affecting me more this cycle, though I have only been on it for two days. He said I am not sure though he has noticed my hormones doing different things such as I have been more in the mood in the last couple of weeks than normal. I don’t know if that means my hormones are doing something or what, but hopefully the rest of the cycle will go well.

Maybe I am just tired. We have finally started re-doing our main bathroom. When we moved in the people who owned our house before us had painted it three different colors of turquoise and light blue in waves. It is very loud and kinda weird looking. We have been in this house three years and we are finally getting around to it. Friday when my husband had off of work he took everything in the bathroom down, taped, and cleaned the walls. Saturday we put two coats of white primer up. It finally is one color instead of waves. We went to Hom.e De.pot yesterday and picked out a pretty blue color as well as some new foam brushes that have been much easier to use than bristle brushes. I am hoping today that we actually get to put the blue on the walls. I just want it to be blue already so I can see how it’s going to look and it will be closer to being done. After the blue is up on the walls we will paint the molding at the bottom with a white color. I hope it will look great when it’s done. The bathroom also really needs a good cleaning.

It will be a productive three day weekend, but I hope that I will go back to work rested. I had this weird dream that some neighborhood young kids stole my car and totaled it. Because of this in my dream I bought a Ho.nda cr.v, which is what I want to get when my current car goes ka.put. This car was cool, but the breaks weren’t working right and made it scary when I got on the highway. In the middle of the night I realized my husband was awake as well so I told him about my dream and he went to check on my car for me and told me that it was still there and ok.

Random side question – Do any of you guy’s have a kin.dle? I was reading the reviews yesterday and I was tempted. I would love to not have to buy real books anymore and have them lie around the house when I’m done and would LOVE to get the book I want immediately. However, I noticed the prices for books are only one dollar less than the real book or sometimes a dollar more. This made me hesitate. Maybe I’m just a big tech nerd and want to buy another toy lol.



  1. Nic

    the lupron affects me differently each time so do not worry.

    I have a kindle and I LOVE it!! I cant stop buying books and reading from it at the mo. It is amazing!!

  2. FCblacksheep

    Sorry about the extra tears. I never heard of that show before. I just looked it up and I can see where that may have caused some crying. Good luck on the bathroom. Sounds like a challenge!

    And I’m a book nerd so I’m morally opposed to the idea of the kindle. I’m sure I’ll cave eventually.

  3. Hey lady! I’m so sorry I haven’t checked in with you lately. If you’re moody and emotional, the Lupron is doing its job!

    We have a Kin.dle and it’s awesome!

  4. Kristen

    I have a kindle, my hubby bought it for me right after they came out and I probably haven’t used it in 6 months or so. There is just something about the feel of a book for etc… but then maybe the newer (and as my hubby points out MUCH cheaper) versions are better. I just wasn’t very comfortable holding the kindle, kept accidentally turning the pages etc… But I will say the prices are really good on books and it is nice not to have to leave the house to get a book- to be able to get it anytime anywhere etc…

  5. Sorry that the lupron is making you so emotional! Maybe new symptoms will mean a new, happy outcome!

    I have the Kindle app on my iPad and I’ve read a couple books on it. I love my iPad otherwise, but I’m finding I still prefer reading real paper books. Maybe I’ll convert eventually (the convenience factor, especially when traveling, is very nice), but there is something to be said for the feel and smell of real books.

  6. Yeah for hormones!!! I can totally relate, I have cried during that part of the commercial too. It’s rings so true, it’s a very valid feeling.

    The bathroom redo sounds great, good luck! And I hope this cycle goes very well, praying for you girl!

    PS…I don’t have a kindle but I have been looking too, I can’t wait to see the comments. I want one, I am in need of a new toy!!

  7. The hormones are no fun but at least we know our bodies are working. Ugh! Funny you mention the Kindle. I was looking at them at the bookstore on Saturday. I needed a new book to take my mind off of things this cycle. I think I still like the regular books..for now anyway. Good luck this cycle!!!

  8. I’m a huge reader, and bought a Kindle two years ago. I have the Kindle App for my iPad/iPhone, but don’t use them — I find the Kindle is much easier for long reading sessions. Better battery life, easier to hold, easier on the eyes. And fabulous for travel.

    Prices for books that are available in hardcover vary. Amazon likes to charge $9.99 but some publishers set prices higher than that. I refuse to pay more than $9.99 for an eBook, and either wait, or get the book from the library. Books that are available in paperback are usually $1.50 or so cheaper as an eBook. But yeah, the benefit is not filling up shelves, and being able to get the next book in the series/by the author immediately, instead of waiting for the physical book to arrive.

    Lupron makes me weepy. My husband gets tired of me crying every night before going to sleep. Often for no reason. At least we know it’s because of the hormones. 🙂

    Good luck!

  9. sorry you’re feeling emotional! it’s normal though! let those tears out when you feel like it!

    please post pics of your new bathroom! i wanna see!

    i don’t have a kindle but i bought an ipad instead since it can do more and you can still run the kindle app (plus it has ibooks). i love it so far.

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