I feel like I have taken a step back with blogging and such. I have been reading your questions, but I haven’t been blog reading for a few days. I guess that’s why my google reader says I have 83 entries to read. I promise I will get to all of them soon. I have just been trying not to think about IF things for a bit and just doing normal every day things. I also started a new book series which I mentioned in my last entry. I have read four of the books in like two weeks. I feel bad spending money on the books when I read each one in a day or two, but oh well. It’s not really hard reading, but they are pretty good. I guess I should start thinking about IF again since I start my Lupron injections tomorrow night. After I stopped my injections last cycle I missed them. Now I feel a little apprehensive getting back into things again. I’m sure I will be fine once they start again.

Ok onto the questions

FCblacksheep asked What kind of music do you like and what was the first concert you ever saw?
I like all kinds of music. All through elementary, high school, and some of college I was in band. So I have a soft spot for classical music. I will put it on at work to calm my thoughts and just have background music. I like popular top 40 music and I also like Lady Gaga and Weezer, but I’m not sure exactly what genre of music they fall into. I am not a fan of rap or country. My dad likes to torture me by having country on in the car whenever I drive with him. The first concert I have been too? I have only been to a few. I think my first was Dave Matthews which is a band I really don’t like. My ex-boyfriend was in love with that band and whenever I hear his music it reminds me of him. I also went to a Barenaked Ladies concert in college.

Katie asked Where is your favorite place (or dream place) to go on vacation?
My dream place to go on vacation would be to Japan. I love japanese food and sushi. I also love the culture, technology, and all their pop culture. I ❤ hello kitty haha. When I was younger every summer my parents and I would go to the Outer Banks for vacation. That was probably my favorite spot to go for vacation.

BabyBaker asked do you feel that your personal journey with IF has made you more or less patient? and I think you’re still in the closet mostly, right? if so, do you plan to come out to coworkers and friends any time soon?
My husband always says I have the worst patience and that God is always trying to test me and to make me have more patience. I am not sure if I have gained more patience from this experience. I’d like to think I have gained some experience with patience, but I’m not sure. I have come out to a few people, my direct co-worker, a couple of friends, but that is about it. I have thought about telling my mother-in-law, but the right time where I felt comfortable to do it just hasn’t happened yet. I think the time has to be right for me to tell someone like we are talking about something similar or there is a space to talk about it. I also prefer to be a quiet time with not many people around, and where I am in the mood to share.

Gurlee asked do you have a favorite season and if so, what and why?
My favorite season is Spring. I like spring for a couple of reasons. First spring happens right after the winter. I am always excited for when I have survived the cold winter and it starts getting warm again. Spring also means that the school year is winding down (even though I’m not in school) and summer is coming. I also like it because my birthday is in the Spring.

Sonja asked if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
This was a hard one. I don’t think I have a real place to answer this with. However, I like where I live now. I live in a small state in a sorta rural area. I don’t like big cities and heavy congestion and traffic. I like that it is warm, but that we also have snow with our winters. Though I don’t want as much snow as last year. I think the only thing I would change would to have more family live closer. Right now I live closer to the husband’s side of the family.

Thanks guys for asking me questions! I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any!



  1. i don’t really share my IF stuff with anyone but a couple friends. I told my MIL because I felt like I had to in order to get her to understand that no i did not want her to call us all the time and ask us if we were excited to be an aunt and uncle soon. it’s very hard to be excited when you’ve tried at that point for one year to get pregnant and your SIL gets pregnant on her first try.
    my husbands grandfather is from japan!

    • Ohy that would be hard. My MIL hasn’t done anything like that and I think would be very nice and caring if/when we do tell her. I’m just not sure when the best time would be and if she would tell her sisters which would spread to the rest of the extended family on that side.

  2. FCblacksheep

    I also love Weezer and was band through to high school, and I love the Outer Banks. Thanks for sharing. That was fun.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your answers! My BIL is really into Japanese culture, too. It seems really fascinating!

  4. Great answers! I love hearing more about the bloggers that I follow.

    Japan is a great country. When you visit (because I know you’ll get a chance to visit), check out their subway at rush hour…it’s amazing. Also the food is delicious!! Only drawback is that it’s super expensive.

  5. how fun! i loved reading this!

  6. For some reason I find it easier to discuss IF with strangers than with my family.
    Good luck with the reader I just cleared 200+. I’m exhausted. 🙂

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