Recently, I have stopped playing all the games I normally play on fac.eboo.k because I have gotten tired of them. I used to play mm.orp.g’s, but I don’t have the time to keep up with them now. I know my next cycle is fast approaching and I want to be able to channel my anxiety into something besides eating. I am getting fat and that isn’t good. I have been looking into starting a hobby, but I’m not sure what to get into, what will hold my attention. Currently, my hobbies are reading, listening to the radio, being a bit of a tech nerd, playing around on the internet, and playing with my cat. I used to be into cooking, but it’s hard now when I’m working more and tired at the end of the day.

So here is my question. What are your hobbies? What cool things do you guys do? I would love to be able to make something and possibly have an et.sy store or something, but I am so not crafty. I tried knitting and I got stuck on one of the stitches and couldn’t change color. I stunk at needle point, crocheting, and sewing. I know jewelry making is big, but everyone in the world does that (well not everyone in the whole world) and I imagine it can get expensive having to buy beads every time you want to make something. So what cool things do you guys do? I would love to get into something.



  1. I crochet and read. You may want to give crochet another try. It keeps your hands busy so you can’t eat and can be done while watching TV or talking. I also scrapbook some and make my own cards, but that does get expensive.

  2. FCblacksheep

    I do nothing cool. And I’m getting fat.

    I am trying to find the motivation to make a Halloween costume, one for myself and one for my niece. I made one for my other niece a couple of years ago and it was fun. I hand sewed the entire thing but have recently learned how to machine sew, which is much better. I like to garden, well more like make stuff from ingredients from my garden like pesto and sauce, and when I work up the motivation (this motivation thing is a problem for me), I work on refinishing some old chairs we got for our old table. That might be a fun hobby if you’re into it. One thing I did want to get into was doing mosaics. It always seemed like so much fun. But I really think I just like the idea crushing glass. LOL.

    What I really like to do is read and play online scrabble. Dork.

  3. Nic

    I have just taught myself crochet which I like, keeps my hands busy and great as stops me eating and good as an ex-smoker! I also read and run when I can. Each week I do agility with my two dogs which is fun and keeps us active!
    I still feel I am getting fat though!!

  4. I am so boring…I wish I could help you, but I have no real hobbies other than going to the gym (and that doesn’t work too well when you’re supposed to be resting).

    I always envied people who had “real” hobbies like knitting and gardening.

  5. i don’t do anything, i’m so lame. I clean and watch TV and take walks, that’s about it. i would like to bake more but that’s just making me fatter!

  6. hobbies?! isn’t researching the hell out of a current ART cycle a hobby? if not, then boy am i in trouble! 🙂

    • LOL @ babybaker! I always considered ART research my hobby as well … no time for anything else!

  7. hopeisafourletterword

    Glad I am not alone! I don’t really have any hobbies either other than I love to read. I also love to cook/bake when I have time but I haven’t had much time lately. That’s about it.

  8. Scottie Mom

    I needlepoint…I started with small, easy Christmas ornaments. I used to cross stitch but I always lost my counts & found needlepoint a bit more “paint by numbers”. I torture myself by doing baby gifts now…some people are going to owe my some awesome baby gifts someday (hopefully).

    Beading can be expensive. I do that too, but it isn’t something to do while watching TV.

    I agree with the earlier comment about how the hobby keeps the hands too busy for snacking.

    Whatever you decide on, I hope it relaxes you.

  9. Ehh….I wouldn’t necessarily say my hobbies are “cool” but here is what I get inspired to do occasionally: read, blog (duh), journal, photography, scrapbook, cardmaking, fa.c.eb.ook game Fron.ti.er.vil.le, computer game ci.vil.i.z.ati.on, watch ttc’ers on you.t.ube, crochet, take naps, walk my doggies, totally addicted to netf.lixing on demand the seasons of 24, in the spring I like to plant flowers and veggies (but it is survival of the fittest), play cards w/ the parents, boating, swimming, other fabulous tv series worth netflixing include De.x.t.er, We.ed.s, Cal.i.fo.nica.tion, Dea.d.wood, currently working on Pho.to.shop Classroom in a Book, study foreign languages (french, spanish, latin), go get a coffee at a local shop and read a celebrity gossip magazine, biking.

    I would love to try acrylic painting- abstract art. And I would love to enroll in a local art center class on throwing pottery. Someday. 🙂

  10. S

    I’m not crafty either. My main hobbies are reading (and when I’m feeling low, no novel is too smutty or banal), hiking (when the weather is cool enough), and volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

    I do enjoy taking photographs, but I am by no means a gifted photographer and just have a very basic, point-and-shoot digital camera.

    I took piano lessons for a while last year–something I’d long wanted to learn–and it was a great way to take my mind off TTC for a while.

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