New cycle

I thought about things, talked to my mother, and then thought some more. I then came to a decision in my head, but waited for my husband to come home and tell him about the ivf clinical trial answers I found out and see what he had to say. I told him that I wanted to hear his point of view and then I would tell him what I was thinking. He said that the clinical trial is interesting and if I wanted to do it we could, but that he thought that my cycle last time was the best ever and that we should give it one more try. I told him that I agreed with him. My last cycle was the best ever with three follicles and my lining making it to 7mm. We also possibly learned something, that if we start a little lower on the follistim then maybe I won’t have to deal with five follicles, maybe only two or three.  That way we won’t have to lower the follistim levels mid-cycle and not have to delay triggingering so only a couple grow. We can hope that’s how it works anyways. I just felt like I would always wonder if I could have gotten pregnant this way if I didn’t give this one more shot. Plus that means that maybe I won’t need ivf, the big guns. I may still need to do it, but at least I will have given this one more shot. If things don’t work this cycle and the clinical trial is still there then I may do it then. However, if the clinical trial is gone by the time I possibly get to ivf than I will take that as a sign that I was meant to do the regular ivf where I didn’t have to worry about them not having their procedure down 100%.

So the schedule is this:

  • Start birth control pills tonight
  • Oct 8 start 20 units of Lupron a night
  • Oct 14 is my last birth control pill
  • I call them on cd 1 which last time was six days later

I looked at the calendar and if things work out the way I’m hoping (I’m aware it could not go the way I want) I might be done by the time of the husband’s grandmother turning 90 and not have to miss anything.  However, if it doesn’t work husband is ok with me missing the festivities and I will hopefully be done soon after.

So that’s the plan. I feel much better now that things are written down and ready to go.  Let’s do this and hopefully it will work even better than last time with a bfp at the end.



  1. AL

    Yea for a plan!! Good luck on this next IUI – I hope this is it!!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! Good luck! I have a good feeling about this 🙂

  3. That’s awesome you and hubs were naturally in agreement. 🙂 Great plan of action. Go get ’em this cycle!!!

  4. Sounds like a good plan. I know what you mean about feeling like to have to do X or else you will always wonder.

  5. FCblacksheep

    Really happy you have a plan in place. I like it. I think it’s a good idea. You did do really well last cycle. Hopefully it’ll just take one more.

  6. sooz

    That sounds like a great plan, especially since you did so well last cycle. I really hope that the second try will do the trick.

    I hope you don’t need the clinical trial, but if you do, I’m glad that you may still have an opportunity to take advantage of it.

  7. Isn’t having a plan the best? It just makes the BFN so much easier to take because you can begin to feel hopeful for the future! I think that since things went so well for you this past cycle it’s really smart to give it another shot. And you are right, if later the clinical trial isn’t available it’ll just mean that it wasn’t meant for you. But hopefully you won’t even have to think about that!!

  8. A

    Just catching up–I’m so, so sorry that your last cycle was negative. Many hugs.

    We’ll be here rooting for you this cycle!

  9. Yeah for a PLAN!!!! Congrats girl! Praying for this cycle and hope it’s even better than last month!

  10. i think your plan is perfect. i’ll continue crossing everything for you!

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