Today my husband meet with some agents from our insurance company at his work. They are there because it is getting close to open season where you can change what your signed up for. I was hoping that we would be able to sign up for a higher plan where we pay more a month but have iui’s or some of ivf covered. Unfortunately, hubby just called and said that isn’t the case. There are two plans and neither of them cover iui’s or ivf. Right now I pay $35 a month for each prescription (though some are higher) and if we went with the higher plan than I could pay a flat fee of $65 for all of it (I think that is what he said), but that would be for a 30 and a 60 day prescription. You can’t really get a month worth of follistim, it just comes in vials. So that doesn’t work. The other difference in the other plan is that instead of paying a co-pay every time I go to the RE I would get a deductable. Once I hit that amount I wouldn’t have to pay co-pays. That is cool, but I don’t want the other things that go with that plan. Looks like we are stuck :-p We thought about looking into what my compnay would offer as far as infertility coverage, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why? My husband has the more stable job. He has been there for like eight years and I have only been here for one. Also, I work part time and he works full time. What if I had to stop working because I got pregnant or something? There goes my insurance. I want to be covered no matter what. So it looks like we are going to stay where we are. Bleh.

On the 2ww front I am still treading water. I haven’t tested again since yesterday morning. I managed not to get teary about it until I got home from work and it started hitting me. I got teary listening to songs on the radio and then when I got home. Last night after I put in my progesterone suppository I was having major hot flashes. I kept pulling the sheet on and off. I finally changed into some shorts instead of pants and got comfortable. For the last couple of days I have felt like af is coming. I haven’t had cramps, just that feeling that I get when things are going on down there getting ready for her to come. Every time I check though she isn’t here. I have had no spotting at all, not even when I wipe so I dunno. In past cycles I normally start spotting the night before my beta after dinner, which would be tonight, so I’ll see if I start spotting then. I’m pretty much counting myself out though. It really sucks, this was my best cycle yet and I’m pretty sure it didn’t work. I’m sure I will be more upset tomorrow, but I’ll have to suck it up because I have a busy day at work. I will probably still test tomorrow morning before work, especially if I don’t spot tonight, but I’m not expecting anything. I just want the piece of mind of knowing before I go to work.

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  1. *hugs* Hang in there, you’re not out of the game yet … praying hard for you!!

  2. AL

    hopeful for you, still!

  3. I HATE dealing with insurance! It is one of the worst things about infertility! I hope you find something that works for you. And good luck testing tomorrow…I am hoping for the best.

  4. I too am still hopeful for you!! You just never know – what you are feeling down there might be something good…

  5. I’ve never stopped hoping this cycle, hang in there, you’re so close!

    Re: insurance. Yeah, it’s messy and annoying. We are figuring some of that out ourselves. Head. Ache.

  6. I HATE insurance and dealing with insurance!!!! I feel for you, but I guess I just need to be thankful that we are able to afford some insurance and that we have insurance!
    ((HUGS)) thinking about you!

  7. Kelly

    Dealing with insurance is an absolute, positive nightmare!

    I’m still hoping for you…

  8. FCblacksheep

    Well, I think you know my view on insurance. Sucks. Sorry. I’m still super hopeful you won’t have to worry about this much longer. No spotting is a good sign!

  9. Krystal

    Ugh. Insurance companies suck a lot!

    Also, the progesterone suppositories will keep AF away, in case you didn’t already know that (but you probably did). Mine would have been due last Friday, but it took until Monday for it to show up after I stopped the suppositories.

  10. Ug, open season is like a giant disappointment for me too! I can get excellent maternity care but nothing in the way of infertility treatment. Blows chunks.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

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