12 dpo

Today is 12 days past my second iui. I tested this morning with an early result pregnancy test with fresh ur.ine and it was a BFN. I am sad, but I know that it technically isn’t over yet. I googled around and there are a lot of people who still got pregnant even after a 12 dpo bfn, but I doubt it will happen. I did find one post that made me feel a little better, but still doubt I will get a bfp this cycle. Here is the post I found

“Most women will never get a + before 13DPO. This is because most implants don’t occur until 8-9DPO. Implanting takes about 2 days, taking you to about 11DPO. After that, it takes a couple MORE days for hCG to start circulating, taking you to 13DPO! While some women may see +s from 12 DPO, that’s because they implanted on the slightly earlier side of those numbers. Less than half of women see +s before 13DPO.”

Just because a test CAN pick up PGcy from 6 days before your missed period (which is 8DPO), that doesn’t there will EVER be anything that early to detect! In order to detect PGcy that early, you’d need to have implanted fully by 6DPO and the earlier you implant, the higher the chance it is ectopic, so that’s not good either. Less than 10% of women (more like 5%) see a + that early. A PGcy test isn’t 99% until the DAY OF your missed period, not a single day before! At 3 days before your period (which, according to a PGcy test, you’re 2 days before because it goes by a 14 day LP!) you’re still testing fairly early. Try again no sooner than tomorrow, but better yet, wait until you’re late if you can! Testing early is only lining the pockets of HPT makers and causing you (us! the TTCer!) possibly undue upset!

So I guess I will keep on going and wait till I am certain it’s a bfn.



  1. Awww, shoot. I’m so sorry. I never tested til 14dpo so I have no insight to offer (re: whether it was negative and then turned). But I’m still hoping so hard for you. And I can think of at least a few examples in blog-land where the HPT didn’t go positive until 14 or even 15/16dpo (like Courtney’s at TheRoadWorthTraveling.blogspot.com last November). Hang in there, it’s not over til it’s over! xo

    • I’m trying. I remember Within Reach tested on 12 dpo and it was negative and then it was postive on 14dpo as well, but I am doubtful :/

  2. FCblacksheep

    I’ve never had such a situation happen to myself (obviously), I have, however, read about similar incidents on other people’s blogs. Not to sound like a blog stalker (which I am) but Kate at Busted Plumbing had a string of negative HPTs with her current pregnancy, but I’m not sure at which point she tested. In any case, it’s not over until AF shows so keep up the faith for a bit longer. I’m still hoping.

  3. I know it was rough seeing that BFN, but don’t lose hope just yet! We are all pulling for you. ((HUGS))

  4. still totally early!!

  5. Nic

    Don’t give up yet. It’s still early days. I am hoping that you get your bfp!!

  6. Don’t know what to say, other than I am thinking about you, and praying for a positive!!! ((HUGS))

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