Progesterone dreams

I have always wondered if I was actually getting the right amount of progesterone from the suppositories, if I put them in the exact place they need to be, if they were actually working. Well recently I have had some weird dreams and of course I googled it. Did you know that increased progesterone can make you have wacky dreams? I have had three in the past week that have been weird, so I guess I know I’m getting progesterone into me.

What did I dream about? Well let me tell you.

The first dream was kind of sad. In my dream my husband told me that he didn’t love me anymore. After that, in my dream I was sad and moping around. I had friends trying to make me feel better and I spent some time trying to make my husband tell me he loved me, but he wouldn’t. I woke up at like 3am and was really sad. I thought about waking up my hubby and telling him about my dream so he would tell me that he loved me and give me a snuggle, but I didn’t. I waited till the next morning to tell him. He said my dream was crazy and that of course he loved me. He spent the rest of the day making sure I knew it and saying it a bunch of times. I hate dreams like that. I know they aren’t true, but they still shake me a little.

The second dream was really weird. In my dream I was living in a shack on a corner of a large piece of land with Jav.ier Bar.dem. He is hunky and yes I know he just married Pen.elope and knocked her up. Actually she got pregnant before they got married. Anyways. In my dream we were in love and wanted to move in together. So he got on a school bus that gave tours of houses that we could buy. He ended up falling in love with this one house and bought it for us. However, when he was showing me the house and we went inside we found out that the house wasn’t actually for sale and there was a guy living in the house who was mad! LOL. I don’t remember much after that.

My third dream brings me back to my high school days when I was in band. I played the clarinet. In my dream we went on a band trip to a different country. I think it was an african country, but I’m not sure. I remember being happy I did well on the plane and didn’t get motion sick. I don’t remember much of the trip, but I remember the ride home. I ended up leaving my clarinet in the airport storage room, but I didn’t realize it until I was out of the airport. So I had to go back in the airport to get my clarinet. However, that meant I had to go back through security, which I woke up during. I remember standing at one counter trying to get the lady to let me go back through. I was standing next to another counter with a nurse or something that was giving people medicine so that they wouldn’t get sick when they traveled to the countries they were going too.

Yes, I’m weird. I wonder what other dreams I will have.

While we are talking about weird things, today while in the shower, I discovered a bruise and it was really nasty looking. It scared me when I saw it because I was like what the heck where did this come from? It looks like a bruise you would get from injecting. However, I am now 10 dpiui so the last injection I had was like fourteen days ago. It wouldn’t look that nasty. I think it is around the spot I had my ovidrel shot though. I don’t remember bumping into anything. It could be from my cat, but usually he scratches me instead of leaving a bruise. But I don’t remember him jumping on me recently. I don’t know. Makes me feel like a clutz. I did a little googling and it could be a vitamin deficiency, but I only have that one bruise that is sorta nearby my right ovary. It’s a little higher, on the side of my stomach. Weirdness.



  1. Nic

    I found I bruised quite a bit towards to the end of my injections and some of the bruises seemed to last forever.

  2. Crazy dreams! I’m sorry I haven’t commented lately on your progress, but I’m really praying this is it for you! When’s your beta scheduled or will you just do a HPT? HUGS!

    • Beta is scheduled for this coming wednesday, but I will probably test on my own tuesday or wednesday.

  3. Woah those are some seriously crazy dreams! I can’t remember if I had out of the ordinary dreams on progesterone. I have weird dreams a lot, so I’m not sure. Yay for being at 10dpiui! You’re really getting close now …

  4. FCblacksheep

    Oh my word, those are some crazy, and rather detailed dreams. Adorable of your husband to reassure you like that throughout the day. I get the same way. Whenever I have a bad dream, I always wake up and touch Blue to remind myself that it wasn’t real. Sorry on the bruises though. Weird.

  5. Barbara Strompf

    Since going on HRT. a combo of estrogen and progesterone I have been having some really bizarre dreams that I have never had before. Not making any sense and all kind of sexual in nature. Weird.

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