Tonight after working a full day and sitting in traffic way too much I still managed to make an awesome dinner. Well hubby helped too 😉 We had salad, garlic bread, and beef satay skewers we grilled on our brand new grill. It was pretty yummy and the hubby said that I was awesome 🙂 The only problem is I am still nibbly. I wonder if it’s because I didn’t eat that much today. I already also ate a plum, two meatballs, and a handful of chex mix. I might go see what else I want after I finish this entry lol.

Tomorrow is 6 dpo. I’m kind of excited to hit this point. Why? This is when implantation can start. I seriously doubt that I will see any implantation bleeding or anything, but it could be happening and if I am going to feel real symptoms they could start soon. This also may make me nervous and stress out a bit, but hopefully I won’t too much. I’m trying to take Jen’s attitude. She doesn’t acknowledge any of the symptoms until like day 13. Every time I start to wonder or stress I tell myself what would jen do? 😉 Hopefully that will keep working.

This weekend is Yom Kippour. The jewish holiday where you atone your sins and you fast. I can’t fast – I get hypoglycemic and feel gross when I don’t eat. I was on the phone with my mom yesterday and she mentioned all the yummy food they are going to have when they break the fast on saturday. I was like wow that sounds so yummy I wish I could come. She said why couldn’t you? I talked to the husband and we are going! I will only get to see my parents for about a day, but I haven’t seen them in a while and will get to eat all the yummy jewish “soul food.” I am not going to services because I don’t have a ticket. You have to sign up before the high holy days to get one. I’m not disappointed about that though. I am a bad jew in that I hate going to services. I’m just not a good religious person. I like the spiritual side of things. This will also give me some distraction near the end of my 2ww which will be good.

What else? I’ve cut out all caffeine and I’m trying to avoid the artificial sweeteners. I know I don’t technically have to do it until about now when implantation starts, but I just started early so that I would have a better chance. Soda and flavored drinks are one thing I have the worst time giving up in the 2ww. I just want something with flavor to drink. What do you guys drink when you avoid caffeine and sweeteners? I have done pretty well I think. I have only cheated a couple of times when I had a flavored water with sweetener and a sip of the husband’s diet soda. Oh and the sonic lime lime-aid that was sooooo good last night. Yum.



  1. FCblacksheep

    Yeah on the yummy dinner. And double yeah on 6 DPO. I like the “ignore the symptoms” attitude. Stay strong. Happy you get to see your parents this weekend. I think that will be a great distraction.

  2. Kristen

    YUMMO on the dinner:) I hope that I can “ignore the symptoms” and not be a worry wart when my 2ww wait comes!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy all the yummy food! I too would like suggestions on what to drink with a little flavor so I am looking forward to seeing what/ if any suggests. I already don’t do caffine so that isn’t such a biggie but the artificial sweatner thing is HARD because I am diabetic. Anyhoo thinking about you and sending positive thoughts.

  3. Nic

    Hang in there, the 2ww lasts for ages but you have a great attitude about not analysing anything and you are nearly halfway through! I love fizzy drinks but I drink a lot of water and fruit juice. X

  4. I have such a hard time with the drinks, too, as you know. Try 100% juice mixed with sparkling water, if it’s the bubbles you like!!

    Enjoy the time home!

  5. sienna

    hang in there!!! i’m soo hopeful for you in this cycle :o) ps – now such a good egg’s site has been banned from my workplace as well. it’s something about wordpress, i think?

  6. Dinner sounds AWESOME! I hope the 2WW flies by and ends with fantastic news for you. I think your outlook is so encouraging. And I am there with you on cutting out the caffeine and sweeteners. It was not as hard as I expected and I have done pretty well except for that certain word you mentioned…SONIC. I can’t help myself when it comes to their drinks, LOL! Good luck girl, you are in my prayers!

  7. YAY! You made it through the first 6 days! I hope the next few days fly by. 🙂

    As for drinks, I’m not one for sweet drinks, so I really don’t have any issues with not drinking sweeteners. I also don’t drink coffee, so I usually stick with herbal teas and water. I k now, it’s pretty boring, but I think I like my drinks without any flavor.

  8. All these food posts are making me HUNGRY!
    I hope the rest of the 2ww goes quickly for you. I am very hopeful that this cycle worked! FYI, I had implantation bleeding around 9dpo…but it could have just been irritation from the progesterone suppositories.

    • That makes sense. I read somewhere that if you are going to get implantation you will see it a few days after it implants because it takes a couple of days for it to reach your pad/undies. *fingers crossed*

  9. oh my, i am laughing so hard. what would jen do? honestly the reason i ignore the symptoms is because my doctor told me everything that is a sign of being pregnant (aside from a positive test) is also a sign of not being pregnant. point taken.
    i cannot give up my diet coke. it’s the only think i ingest with artificial sweetener anymore. it’s caffeine free (because that makes it better) i have taken to drinking decaf iced tea infused with fresh mint. i also use stevia as a sweetener now.

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