Good eyeball day

Today I am having a good eyeball day. I was able to get my contacts in very quickly and I barely feel them in my eyes. I wish I could open my eyes wide (for some reason with my contacts in I don’t open them all the way) but I’m working on it. I am happy about this because yesterday my left contact was driving me crazy and I had to take them out before I left the house from work which made me late for work. I wonder if that had anything to do with fall allergies starting.

Today is 2 dpo. I know that nothing I feel now is related to pregnancy, but that doesn’t stop my brain from wondering. I have a lot of hope for this cycle, and that can be good and bad in a way. I have to admit I have already done some googling. I was still bloaty yesterday, but I’m doing better today. I started the progesterone suppositories last night which are not fun. However, my RE’s office just switched from 100 to 200mg of progesterone so that I only have to use them at night instead of having to do it in the morning and night. Yea for that. I’m struggling with how much to write and what to write about during this two week wait. I don’t want to magnify everything I feel since up to now everything I felt and wrote about in the past were imaginary symptoms, but I do want to keep a record. I also don’t want people to get bored of my entries about daily goings on I may write about.

I am so glad that it’s friday. Last weekend I was going into my RE’s office every day to get ready to trigger. Now I am done with appointments for two weeks and I am looking forward to sleeping in. That is if my cat lets me. He woke me up twice last night knocking things over and meowing. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Do you want to know something I learned yesterday? A side effect of taking folic acid is decreased appetite. I haven’t been eating as much or as hungry as I usually am the past few days. I googled it and it can happen with folic acid. So now you know. An knowing is half the battle 😉



  1. Lucky duck!! I’m on 100mg THREE times a day. It’s a pain in the ass!!

    • Three times a day? Why so much?? Is that what your doctor prescribes everyone or did you have a lining/progesterone issue?

      • From what I’ve seen online it’s pretty common to go with 2 or 3 times a day. The prospectus of my meds say the typical dose is 200-600mg, which does seem like a ton! But my doc prescribes 300mg to everyone – it’s on the standard post-IUI instruction sheet… I THINK the reasoning is to keep the levels more stable throughout the day, but don’t quote me on that…

  2. i certainly wish that folic acid would reduce my appetite, you are so lucky!! i swear it makes me hungrier.

  3. You have come so far!!! Yeah for triggering, IUI land and 2ww-ing.

    It’s impossible NOT to 2nd guess every little thing. Just impossible. I never once had a symptom in all of my 2wws. It seems every other blogger had a little SOMETHING going on.

    • Yea, but you are the pregnant one!

  4. Woohoo for a good eyeball day! 🙂 I didn’t know that about folic acid! That could explain why it was so hard for me to gain weight (when the RE told me to pack some pounds on pre-IVF). I was never hungry! Very interesting.

    2 days down … fingers and toes all crossed for you as you continue your 2ww!

  5. Blog about whatever you want – it’s YOUR blog! 🙂 And we keep coming back and reading ’cause we’re interested in you and we can’t wait to hear what’s happening for you! You’re gonna over analyze anyway (we ALL do!), so blog away! 🙂
    I don’t know why I keep letting the cats come and go freely at night. There’s always at least one scuffle during the night that wakes us up, or they find the tiniest piece of paper or plastic to play with that crackles, or someone goes “physco” and starts darting madly back and forth across the room, usually using our heads as a launching point.

  6. Woo girl! I am getting caught up from this week and am so excited for you! I am thinking good good thoughts for you! xoxo

  7. FCblacksheep

    I am all for keeping a record. Even if it’s not your month, you can use it as a reference later on to try to spot differences. Trust me, I do not get bored of 2ww posts, especially if they turn into BFPs. Just more reference material for me to obsess over.

    And I absolutely love that you called it a good eyeball day. You’re adorable.

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