IUI #2

IUI #2 is done and now we wait.

IUI #2 I think went better than IUI#1 in a couple of different ways. One, they were not nearly as busy as they were yestserday so I sat down in the waiting room and was called back soon after. I made it to work maybe 15 minutes late and made it in time for my meeting. Yea for that. Secondly, I knew what to expect so I was a little bit less nervous and my muscles relaxed more, which made things easier. Third, our count went up! We went from 9.5 million to 13 million! So yea for that. I was worried since we were doing it two days in a row. When she was actually doing the iui she had to use a qtip to move some cervical mucus out of the way so she could see. I had cervical mucus! Haha! I have also been very crampy all morning and when she was doing the iui my muscles contracted even more which I hope made the spermies go up even further.

Question for you all – do you help your husband when he is collecting a sample in any way? I have felt bad both mornings in that I haven’t been in a mood to help him since I have just woken up and have all my thoughts of what is going to happen today running through my head. The first day I helped a little, but today I did not. I was just wondering what everyone else does. This whole IF process has also decreased my libido a lot and it was already decreased to begin with so I feel kinda bad about that as well. I also feel bad that I’m kinda glad we are doing iui’s because that means I don’t have to schedule se.x for three days. Oh well.

So now I wait. This has been my best cycle yet and I hope that it brings me my first bfp ever. My beta is on Sept 22nd. My dad’s birthday is the 23rd. What a cool birthday present that would be. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Krystal

    I think we’ve done 3 or 4 SA’s. I wasn’t there to help my husband with #1 (and it was also done in a place without a special room for giving the sample, so he had to find a single-stall bathroom and lock the door! eek!), and his count was lowest then. I did help with the others, and his count was fine. I’m not saying it had anything to do with me, or anything. LOL My hubs isn’t a porn guy, so he wasn’t really interested in sing their…ahem…provided materials, so having my help was a better deal for him.

  2. Congrats!!!!!!

    I don’t help my hubs at all….but we do the deed as much as possible on our own after the IUI. 🙂

  3. We used a special condom from our RE and collected it during sex. We liked the idea of having sex be in the equation even if we couldn’t conceive that way. I guess since we went to IVF it’s obvious that sex didn’t get to enter our equation, but during IUIs we were hopeful it would. So I guess that counts as helping! =)

    Congrats on IUI#2!!

  4. FX that this your cycle! Glad to went a bit easier and the numbers went up.
    I help DH because he is also not a big porn guy and it it is Much Much faster if I help.

  5. Kristen

    Fingers crossed- thinking about you guys and saying a few prayers for positive!

  6. Sending super positive thoughts your way for this cycle!!!

  7. Thinking happy, positive thoughts for you! I have everything crossed 🙂

  8. I don’t help him. I also feel bad that I get glad when I have a few days where I can say no due to dr’s orders. Good luck!

  9. I’m so sorry for the late comment, but I want to wish you good luck on this cycle!! I know the waiting part is the worst, so hang in there. Positive thoughts — this will work!!

  10. Sounds like everything is on track for good news. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

    McRuger doesn’t like me to help him, he prefers to do “his thing” alone.

  11. Yay! You did it! Twice! Great news on the increased count too! I see a BFP in your future, young lady! I’ll keep everything crossed for good news on the 22nd. Will you POAS before? I’m so excited for you!

    • I probably will late in the 2ww. I keep reading your comment because I can’t believe someone will think I will get a bfp!

  12. Wow, two awesome IUI’s in a row! And THREE follies! You totally rocked it! I’m so excited for you, I just can’t wait to read about your BFP! It’s so exciting!
    I never have been able to help hubby, but I would if we could get the timing right. Usually I go to work and he collects his specimen and drops it off, then I take off from work 2 hrs later and go get the IUI done. So far, he’s been able to come to maybe half the IUI’s. He has less time off than I do, so we have to use it sparingly. And once I actually was home during collection but by then he had a whole system down and he wanted to do it on his own.

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