IUI #1

IUI #1 is done. I did it! Phew. It was a bit expensive though since insurance didn’t cover it. I don’t know if we could have done a bunch of these. I’m glad I saved the first one for one of my best cycles.

I was supposed to have my iui at 9:15am and I was nervous because I am supposed to be at work at 9am and I know your supposed to lie down for ten minutes after. I figured it wouldn’t take too long so I emailed my boss and let her know I was going to be about 45minutes late. When husband dropped his sample off they told him my iui would be at 9:30am. I was like ugh, fine. I am lucky in that my job has flexible hours. As long as I get all my hours in one way or another it’s ok. Still stressful though.

I show up at 9:15ish anyways just in case and I sit,…and sit…and sit some more. Gah. I was getting really antsy. They finally call me back after the waiting room is basically empty and it’s like 10am. Gah. They take me back to this room way in the back that I have never been to before and I have been at this clinic for over a year. I learn that it’s the run off room. They were really busy today and the lab had a lot of blood work to catch up on cause of the holiday weekend. My nurse said that hopefully tomorrow will be quicker and we can drop it off a little earlier.

The IUI itself wasn’t that horrible. I requested the smaller speculum since I seem to do better with it. However, it wasn’t big enough to see my cervix. So they went and got a bigger one. After moving it around a lot they finally got it into place. Jelly helped a lot. I tried not to be nervous though I was and tried to relax my muscles. She said hub’s count was 9.5 million. I was a little nervous about this beacuse we didn’t know we were having an iui today until yesterday so we didn’t have a lot of time to save up. I did not even feel the catheter go in at all and then we were done. I layed down for ten minutes and then booked it to work. I hope my boss won’t be too annoyed. She shouldn’t be, but tomorrow I actually do have a meeting I need to be at so hopefully it will take less time to do it tomorrow.

So now I am just sitting at my desk thinking about it all. I have a 7mm lining, three follicles, spermies floating around up there, and I’m about to ovulate tonight/tomorrow. Wow.

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  1. This sounds really promising Low Fat Lady! Wishing you all the best … you’ve definitely got all the right ingredients in place 🙂 🙂

  2. Sounds like it went well (aside from the stress abt being late to work). Congrats on IUI #1! Hopefully the lucky swimmer and eggie are about to meet up. 🙂

  3. Krystal

    Go, sperm, go!

  4. FCblacksheep

    Oh yay on the first IUI!!!! Sounds like it went swimmingly (get it??). OK, that was lame. I’m so excited. I’m doing a happy dance for you.

  5. Kristen

    EXCITING!!!! Saying some prayers:)

  6. Praying… praying… praying!

  7. Easy! And do not stress about the work thing, in a few days you’ll forget all about being late.

  8. Good luck! I also had an iui today, so I hope this works for both of us.

  9. Jessica

    Yay…sounds like it went great!!

  10. WOOHOO! Praying hard!!

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