I went in this morning and had a really good scan. I have two, possibly three follicles big and ready to go. My lining is at 7mm! Holy crap, I have never ever ever had my lining get to be 7mm. It has always been low 6mm and I have more than one follicle to try with. Sweet! When I was at my appointment she said that I would probably have one more day of monitoring, but when I got the call back they told me to trigger tonight! I guess because my e2 was getting even higher? I didn’t get the numbers so I’m not sure.

Holy crap I am going to have an iui, two in fact. This will be my very first iui. My hubs is going to drop his sample off at 7:30am and then I have my iui at 9:15am. Everyone send me good luck vibes. I hope I do well and can tolerate it and don’t get nervy. How long do they take to do? I think you have to lie down for ten minutes or something after it’s done so they get to the right place. Is that true? What was your time line when you had an iui. Fingers crossed. This is the best looking cycle I have yet. Please please work. Also, how do you fit in se.x into the equation? Do you have the iui back to back and then se.x the third day? My hubby really wants to be able to do it the natural way at least once during this process.



  1. How exciting! The IUI itself only takes a couple of minutes, and then they have you lie down for about 10 minutes afterwards. It’s really very fast.

    Good luck!!!

  2. the IUI takes like 5 minutes, provided they have no issues getting to where they need to go. then you lay there for like 10-15 min, i usually read a book or if my husband was there we’d just chat. I have done 5 of those so i was alone for 2 of them. I didn’t have back to back IUI’s but then told me that if i wanted to i could go home and have sex. so i’m assuming that after your 2nd one you can do whatever you want.


  3. Marla

    Yay! You finally made it to trigger! I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    The IUI isn’t so bad. No different than a pap. They insert the spec, push in the sample (aka the spermies) and remove the spec. Takes a minute. Then you lie flat on the table for 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, you redress and pay the ridonkulous bill. At least that’s how mine went. I was also encouraged to do the deed as often as possible ;p Then again, I didn’t have back2back IUIs.

    Good luck. Can’t wait to read all about it. 🙂

  4. this cycle is soooo different in every way from your others. an awesome sign. mucho luck to you and i’ll have my fingers crossed!!!

  5. Yip!!

    So VERY exciting!! Ask your RE about when you can have intercourse….every office seems to be different. My RE had us do the deed the night of the trigger and the night of the IUI….but we only did one IUI (36 hours after trigger). Good, good luck!

  6. PS Such incredibly awesome lining!!!

  7. WOOHOO!! And 7mm lining — yay!!! The IUI is not bad — I found them to be less difficult than a pap because with a pap they scrape up there (ouch!) and with an IUI they just shoot the sperm in. My RE had me lie down for 10 minutes after each IUI. I also had sex in there, but I usually did this: abstain 2-3 days before IUI #1 (always gave us a great count) then have sex, then do IUI #2 immediately post-ovulation (a little less of a good count, but that IUI is less likely to do the trick anyway). I just wanted as many guys up there as I could, plus I liked the idea that we could’ve conceived through sex, too.

    I am so, so psyched for you!!! Hang in there, you CAN do this. I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    (7mm!!!!!! hehe sorry, i’m excited for you!!!)

  8. hopeisafourletterword

    Good luck! When I did back 2 back IUI’s, I had sex the night before the trigger, triggered in the AM, had IUI #1 and #2 at 24 and 48 hrs after trigger. Then I had sex again the night of IUI #2.

    • Too late to have sex the night before the trigger, but we can do the night of iui#2

  9. Good luuuuuuccckk!!!! I am triggering today too!

    • Yea we can go through the 2ww together!

  10. wooohoo, LFL! this is gonna be it for you! i just know it! the whole IUI process takes like 2 mins – super quick! i can’t remember how long i laid on the table after the IUI but i think it was 10 mins or so. i would say go ahead and do it as soon as you’re ready, after the sample drop offs are complete, that is. yaaaaay! go LFL!

  11. Jessica

    I am so excited for you!! My experience and advice is the same as the previous girls…so I will just say GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. The IUI is easier than a pap smear and only takes about five minutes (plus the 10-15 on your back afterward). They always tell us to go ahead and have sex whenever we want after the IUI.

    PS- I’m triggering tonight as well 🙂

    • Another person triggering tonight. That makes three of us. We will have to keep in touch through out the 2ww.

  13. Nic

    Yay, that’s great news! Good luck! X

  14. Nic

    Yay, that’s great news! Good luck! X

  15. AL

    Hooray, LFL!!! Great response. It sounds like things have gone incredibly well this cycle !
    Best of luck at the IUI tomorrow 🙂

  16. Gah!!! Good luck! I’ll be sending you all the spare vibes I canfind, lol.

  17. wow… I don’t check in on you for a couple of days and everything goes crazy! Sending many many prayers and sticky vibes your way!

  18. Bunny

    I’m so excited that this is finally happening for you! And it sounds like everything is set for a perfect iui! I will be sending really good thoughts. And I hope your clinic will give you info about what to do in the bedroom!

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