Getting up to go to my appointment this morning was hard. I got to the hospital and the doors were locked. Everyone started coming for their appointments and we all stood outside. It was interesting to watch the spacing between people. There was a wide birth between each group of people. It is always like that at the RE. We eventually called hospital security and they came to unlock the door. I held the open door button on the elevator as a huge group of us rode up to the RE’s office. It was kinda funny all of us bunched in there.

Luckily I was the second person scanned today. R was in and she is awesome. I also turned in one of my sharps boxes. It was almost completely full. R started measuring my follicles and was going really fast. I guess because we got into the building late. She forgot to do my lining before she moved on to scanning on top of my stomach for the left, doh. Oh well. She found the two on my left again and they grew some. I was annoyed that I didn’t get all the numbers of my follicle measurements but I asked when they called me back and I got them. She said that they might decrease my follistim amount, but they didn’t. I mentioned that tonight will be shot #50 and the other lady in the room said, “well when your son or daughter is acting up you can tell them how many shots you went through to get them.” That was cute. I know she was just being nice, but I haven’t had someone say something about that to me before. My cycles never have great potential so that gave me a little bit of hope that she was positive about my cycle.

I go back in tomorrow morning (ugh, so much for sleeping in on a three day weekend) and everything stays the same with my shots. Ok onto my measurements:

e2 was 522!! That is an increase of 235! Woah. I have six follicles:
On the right:
13×15 (average 14)
3×17 (average of 10, this one was behind another one and squished and stretched long hence the weird measurement)
9×9 (average of 9)

On the left:
17×13 (15)
14×7 (10.5)
13×10 (11.5)

Can you believe that? It seems like suppressing my hormones has worked. Maybe they should have started at a lower dose of follistim so that I wouldn’t have to string this out, but things are going pretty well here. Since I have so many they are probably going to watch me even closer now and make things string out even more so they can shrink some. *fingers crossed*



  1. Oooh, those measurements sound good! Crossing my fingers that this cycle produces the good stuff. I really hope this time works for you! {{Hugs}}

  2. my first IVF cycle started over the 4th of july weekend so I was in for monitoring the entire long weekend and never got to sleep in!! Pretty soon I will be starting 4 shots a day and then will be up to 5 shots a day for about a week. we are human pincushions aren’t we? You have some great follicles growing in there!!!

    • Wow even more than me. What shots will you be doing?

  3. FCblacksheep

    Still sounding good. That’s kind of funny about the whole group getting on the elevator together. Do you ever talk to any of the other ladies? I’m always tempted but I’m not quite sure how to start that conversation. “So hey, you hear for the ultrasound? Yeah me too. Got something growing on lefty.” I don’t know, it just feels odd.

    That’s stinky about having to wake up early each day of the long weekend, but you’re doing awesome.

    • I do a little. Not really. Just little comments. I have only had one long conversation with two girls about their ivf cycle.

  4. Nic

    That’s great news, things are going well. X

  5. Great follicle count. Sorry you’re not able to sleep in during the long weekend… But it will all be worth it, hopefully.

  6. This is your best cycle ever, I’m so happy and hopeful for you!!! That E2 rise was ridic good. Go body! Go follies! Go lining!

  7. Wow! Six follies is great and it’s surely worth it to not be able to sleep in today. Maybe you can go back to bed after you get home? I hope today brings even more good news, like you’ve got some strong front runners among that crowd!!

    • yep. I’m going to try to take a nap after I get home. however, bil is coming over and we having a bbq later that day so we will see.

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