Where everyone knows your name *updated*

I have been cycling at my RE’s office for a long time. So long that when I walk in the door they say hi LowFatLady how are you and we chit chat. One of the front staff people was asking me how many cycles I have done since she knows I have been here for a long time. I couldn’t give her an exact number. I will have to look on my ttc history page, but I think it’s around 7. She said wow, you could do your paper work yourself by now! When I’m getting my blood work done or walking through the halls everyone knows my name. It’s nice, but kinda sad that I have been there that long that everyone knows me.

Today was day nine monitoring for my mini-ivf cycle. I got R my most favorite scanner. She is so nice. She looked at the computer to see my data and what we were working with and she was like woah! Your body sure likes lupron, follistim, and low dose hcg! Hah. I took a quick sneak peak about my screen and my e2 was at 155 on monday. She went fast with the measuring so I didn’t get the amounts for all of it, but I still have five follicles and she said they are all around 10-11mm. Wow. R was asking the assistant in the room who would be on the weekend, implying that something was going to happen soon and that I may have more monitoring or something this weekend. I would love to have my iui this weekend and be done with the three shot a day thing and have a normal cycle length. How cool would that be. I’m not sure if the iui would actually be this weekend, but she said I was in a good place right now and she sounded really positive, so that is good. Oh my lining – just starting to be triliminar and at 4.8 something I think. So almost 5mm. Yea for this combination! Now just have to hear back later this afternoon with my blood work and instructions for my follistim and next monitoring appointment.

I got the call back and everything is staying the same. Two clicks above 75 iu of follistim, 10 lupron, and 10 low dose hcg. I asked what my e2 level was and she said 144. That is down by like 10. This made me nervous. I thought about it for a bit and then called back and left a message to talk to someone about it. When I talked to the nurse she said that sometimes they see people with pcos that have their e2 go up and down a little bit. She also said that a lot of the time my body takes a bit to get used to the change in medicine. Like they will change it on monday and then they won’t see any change until two visits later. She said that they don’t want all five of my follicles to grow and increasing the follistim will do that. She said that by keeping the follistim at a slightly lower dose she is hoping that some of them will grow on their own and some will stop growing and then the ones that do continue to grow on their own we can hit with a higher dose of follistim. She said that when my follicles do start to grow on their own and such the e2 will go back up. I am not the professional so I’m going to trust her. However, I’m a little nervous. I’m a little nervous that dropping down the follistim will not keep my follicles growing and that I will get cancelled and then they will increase the dose and the increased dose will make them all grow and I’ll get cancelled. Hopefully I will get the middle ground and only get a few. It would suck to be doing so well and not be able to try because there are too many. While thinking more about what R my scanner said about the weekend I’m thinking that nothing huge will happen, but that she just meant that I will probably be coming in for more monitoring this weekend. I go back in on friday which is every other day this whole week: monday, wednesday, and friday. After friday they will probably have me in again on sunday morning. *fingers crossed* that everything works out.



  1. Yessssssss! Awesome monitoring appt! Awesome lining! Awesome follies! Yip for low-dose HCG, that stuff is amazing. 🙂 I am feeling so positive and hopeful about this cycle. Here’s hoping you’re not wandering those RE halls much longer at all. Keep up the great work, you’re doing amazing with those injections….and they are WORKING!

    • I’m feeling positive about this cycle too, but I’m trying not to get too positive. Kinda exciting that things are working this cycle though 🙂

  2. Nic

    Thats great that it is working and your body is responding well!!
    Good luck if it all happens this weekend!

  3. Thanks a lot! Now I totally have the Cheers theme song in my head!! 😛 But, congrats on a good appointment!! I hope that your blood work just backs up what they saw at that you DO get some “action” this weekend!!

    • Haha, I’m sitting here in my office humming the song too 🙂 *fingers crossed*

  4. Glad this protocol is working for you! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!

  5. FCblacksheep

    I can understand why you’d be nervous but I think it sounds like a good plan. You do seem to be responding really well this cycle and you don’t want to get canceled like you said. I still have a really awesome feeling about this cycle. I’m trying not to get too over-excited though, but I feel really good.

    • Yea, I just need to trust in the RE and the nurses. I had a really awesome feeling, but now I’m just nervy. LOL I hope you are right 🙂

  6. I always get wigged out when they won’t increase the dose when it feels like things aren’t happening, but they turn out to be right, because all of a sudden the follies start growwing. I found that when my follies would reach about 12mm, they would really start taking off. I bet you are on the verge of “take off.” Go follies, go!!! Thinking of you and hoping tomorrow morning’s monitoring goes awesome!!

    • I really hope that I am on the verge of the take off. Glad I’m not the one who freaks out a bit about drug levels 🙂 Thanks!

  7. I hope this cycle works out!!! My fingers are crossed for you! Keep us updated!

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