I can’t believe it’s Monday again. Ohy. Weekend went fast, but a fast weekend does have one upside – I got to see how my mini-ivf cycle was going again. Today is day 7 and my lining is a little thicker, almost to 3mm. I don’t think that is much difference from last time. I wasn’t expecting much difference in that since up until today I was spotting some and the nurse said until my estrogen starts to go up that will also happen. Last night while getting my follistim dose I leaked a little. Guess the hubby didn’t leave the needle in long enough. I asked if that was bad, and she said no, she expects that to happen, so phew.

She started scanning and immediately found my right ovary. She didn’t use much gel though and it felt dry so it wasn’t the most comfortable scan. My right ovary has three follicles, most of them are small, but they did seem to grow from last time. I think they are around 9-10mm. She had a really hard time finding my left one of course. She always hides. She eventually went for a scan over my stomach and finally found it. It was really high up almost near my pelvic bone. Doubt she would have found it with just the wand. Lefty had two more follicles in there and they were bigger. I think they were 11mm and possibly 12mm or somewhere around that. So five possible follicles! Yea. She said twice that they will probably decrease my follistim dose so they don’t all grow. But, yea for three things. Yea for growing follicles, yea for more than one to possibly work with, and yea for my follicles being there and growing already on day 7 of my cycle! Maybe I won’t have a really long cycle this time, but if they are decreasing the dosage and working carefuly so only a few grow things will probably be a little slow. That’s ok. The turtle wins in the end. I really really really hope that this is my cycle.

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  1. Nic

    Yay to having a few follies growing!!
    Hope this protocol works for you!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed, and praying for you and your follies! Five on day 7 is pretty darn awesome!

  3. omg, an 11 in 7 days!! That’s so, so awesome! I never grew follies that fast!! You are rockin’!!! Maybe those docs have FINALLY figured out the magic formula for you!!

    • I really really hope so *fingers crossed*

  4. FCblacksheep

    Those follies are bigger than I’ve ever had at this stage. What up to lefty for showing up on the radar with some big ones. Whoop, whoop. Playing hard to get.

    This really is sounding like an awesome cycle. It’s hard not get over excited when things seem to be falling in place so nicely. Hope it doesn’t draw out too long for you, but like you said, slow and steady wins the race.

  5. Woohoo! Grow follies, grow! And you are right, the turtle wins in the end.

    Also, I leaked sometimes after Follistim injections and it never mattered for me either, so no worries. =)

  6. Yeah for growth! Praying hard for you, I hope this is the cycle for you!

  7. Go turtles go!
    Yay for the three things going for you!
    With you every step of the way!!

  8. Yay, this is awesome! Keep up the great work, follies!

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