Life.time Movies

Yea for the weekend. While having a leisurely Saturday afternoon with not much on tv I found myself watching a Life.time movie. You know the type of movies Life.time plays, romantic love stories and movies that feature women getting beaten up or some other high emotional story. The movie I was watching today was about how teens are sexually active way early these days and how one person with a sexually transmitted disease can pass it on to a huge group of people since the teens have so many different partners. In the movie there was one mom who was trying to make a difference, to make a parent group to stop them from being so careless.

I know that a lot of the movies on this channel are way over the top, but it got me to thinking. I know that teens for real are having sex earlier than people used too, but is it really like that in high schools? I am sure they over dramatized it a bit. It made me think of my not yet conceived children and I started worrying about what they will have to put up with and go through that I never had too. Yes, I’m worrying about them already and I’m not even pregnant yet. Ohy. I really hope that my kids will be well adjusted and not get into that crowd.

What else? Not much. My stick counter is in the 20’s and will hit the 30’s tomorrow night. I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been feeling some cramping that feels just like menstrual cramps, but my period is just wrapping up. It’s probably the Lupron since I have felt similar things the whole time I’ve been on it. I’ve been sleeping a little better, I wonder if it’s because my lupron dose went from 20 to 10 units. I am still on my first vial of lupron so yea for that little vial lasting so long. I got some diabetic needles that came with my low dose hcg that I have been using instead of opening up the other lupron kit to use the needles that came with it. Some of my sticks with those needles have been painful, but I think that it’s just the spot I get stuck with that hurts instead of the needle.

I’m still wearing my contacts, but I have been wearing them every other day. I think I need to start really trying to get them in every day because I feel like they aren’t as comfortable as they were before. I wonder if it has anything to do with it being so hot again. Not much else to report, husband is watching a zom.bie movie and I’m trying my hardest to avoid it, blech.



  1. I miss Lifet.time movies. I don’t have cable. 😦 Kids these days do have it tougher, so you have a genuine concern there, which means you’ll make a great mom since you’re already thinking about these things. 🙂

  2. we have the life.time movie channel and some days I just leave it on that channel all day. or record multiple life.time movies and watch them when I can.

    Lupron is the the incredible forever lasting drug. I am not using it this time because the dr. felt like that might have inhibited my egg maturation. which sucks because I had some leftover so I was excited not to have to pay for it again, but now I don’t even need it.

  3. FCblacksheep

    I think I’ve seen that movie. LOL. And I totally think about this stuff too. My younger sister just graduated from high school and it is like that, to a point. But she managed to get through without issue and so do lots of other kids. It’s all about the parents. My fear is my child will be a giant dork, but then I think, they just have to get through high school and then college will be much easier.

    Glad things are still moving ahead!

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