Day 4 Monitoring

I just had my first montitoring appointment for this mini ivf cycle. I got the woman who is always very thorough with her scans and can usually find both of my ovaries even when they are hiding. I kinda felt like it was a shame that I got her so early in my cycle. I want to make sure I get her when I really need her to find my ovaries like towards the end of the cycle or something. Oh well.

Since I started the follistim really early this cycle on day 1 and it is only day 4 there wasn’t that much to see. You don’t think that anything bad will happen because I started on day 1 instead of day 3 or 4 like most people normally do? They did check my blood and scan me on day one so I figure it’s fine. Anyawys, she had a hard time finding my ovaries, but she is thorough so she kept looking and it felt like it took forever. She moved it all around and pushed down on my abdomen. In the end my lining was up to 3 something (still really thin) and I have a few small follicles on my right side. She couldn’t find my left. She said that it’s still really early in my cycle so I might not even see follicles yet. The ones she did find were like 6 and 7mm so not much of anything yet. She said that they will check my blood and call me back later this afternoon, but that I will probably get the weekend off and come back early next week. I really hope they see more the next time I get scanned. It should be at least day 8 or 9 by then.

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  1. Slow and steady…you know how your body works, so you should feel very encourage that things look good at this point. You have a long way to go, but you can do it!

    • You are so right. I know my body is slow, but the fact that my lining did increase a little from the last time and that I have a couple follies even though small already is good. 🙂

  2. AL

    Hoping for a great update on our next monitoring appointment!

    • thanks and good luck to you too 🙂

  3. don’t stress. it’s so early yet and no, i don’t think starting on day 1 will have adverse effects. hang in there, lady. this is going to be your cycle. for real! i hope the next scan helps to put you at ease a bit! enjoy the weekend!

    • I really hope that this is my cycle. I’m not stressing too much. I just wish I was farther along in the cycle and knew what I was going to be working with lol.

  4. Yay for finding your ovaries!! That’s a great way to start the monitorings this appointment!!

  5. I’m glad the appointment went well. Like the previous posters have said…Slow and steady wins the race. I’m rooting for your ovaries!! Come on big Os!

  6. FCblacksheep

    I hope you get her again later on. It’s much less stress that way. It all sounds good. Grow follies grow.

    I feel really good about this cycle.

  7. You’re off to a great start! We’re all cheering for you on the sidelines!

  8. i think the sizes are great for being so early. i have had some follies that were that little right at the end of a cycle, they just wouldn’t grow.

    • Me too lol. I have had follicles this size around day 12-14. I grow follies really slow. I guess we will have to see if they grow by the next monitoring visit or if they stay the same size again.

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