I did it!

Today has been a long day and I’m still at work! Thank goodness I only have thirty more minutes left. I feel like I have a lot to catch you guys up on.

First, this morning when I got up it was a little pink/brown when I wiped. I was like hmm…maybe AF is finally here. However, after checking and wiping through out today she has been barely there. Maybe a slight tinge on the paper, but that is it. I called in this morning to make sure they still wanted to have my appointment and she said since the flow is so light I can still do it and they can see what is going on.

I went to the appointment on my lunch break. I was busy before I went and therefore went with not much in my stomach and had not drank that much. Dumb I know. I first got my weight checked (went up some, ugh), and then got my blood pressure and breast check. Then I had my pap and I *&%$# did it with no tears!!!!!!!!!! This is huge for me. I have not been able to complete one in years and years and I didn’t have to be on valium and didn’t freak out. Yea me. I am so proud of myself.

After that she did my baseline ultrasound. I was really lucky to get the one nurse practioner who I really like. I talked to her about what the RE has me doing this cycle and after talking to her a bit she understood and didn’t make me do a progesterone and pregnancy test check. She just said we would see if everything was quiet internally and then see what the blood work says. Internally was fine. No cysts (yea!) and my lining was at 2.74. She had trouble finding my ovaries and she said that with lupron it makes your ovaries quiet and shut down some. Because of that they can be hard to find and mine are already hard to find. She finally did find them though.

After that I went and got my blood drawn. Since they were doing the prenatals and the infecious disease check as well they took four vials of blood. My arm is sore and I am tired. My mom suggsted that I eat some beef tonight. They had some issues finding my veins because I was dehydrated, but eventually they got it.

They finally just called back with my instructions. Guess what? I get to start this cycle tonight! Yea! Tonight I start with 100iu of follistim, 10 units of low dose hcg and 10 units of Lupron (going down from 20). I finally get to start! Now the stick ticker will really get going. I go back in again on friday to see how my ovaries like the follistim/hcg/lupron combo. I hope my body likes it and I don’t have to have a long ass cycle.

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  1. Awesome news! Hope you have a great cycle…one that ends with a BFP!

  2. Yay for getting things started!! GOod luck!!!

  3. Go you!! I’m so glad you get to start cycling, too!!

  4. So extremely awesome. Let’s go injections!!!! You’re going to rock this cycle, LFL. This new protocol is going to be SOOOO good for you and those ovaries!

  5. Woo hoo! Good for you… I know all those tests are hard on you. I am praying that this cycle is the one for you!


  6. MK

    Good job with the pap! I know how you feel because I haven’t been able to get one at ALL for a looooong time now. I should try the valium trick… 😉

  7. FCblacksheep

    Big old woo hoo on making it through the pap. That’s fab. Also, yippee to starting tonight. Come on speedy cycle with an awesome ending!!!!!!

  8. Nic

    Thats great news! Yay to starting your cycle!
    Wishing you all the luck in the world!

  9. Good for you! Glad you will be able to cycle now and praying for one of average length- ha! Good Luck!

  10. Omg, I’m so proud of you! Yaaaay! You did it!

    And double omg because I’m so glad you’re starting stims tonight! Fingers crossed that this mix of meds gets you your BFP!

  11. I hope your ovaries like all the meds and make lots of follies!!

  12. OMG!!!! Yaay for getting started! God luck, I’ll be thinking of you!

  13. I can’t get through a pap without crying and/or hyperventilating. I decided last time I was going to go a little tipsy next time. Great excuse to drink in the middle of the day! 😀
    Hoping for a successful cycle!

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