Still no AF

Today will be shot 12 of Lupron and 5 days off birth control. Still no period. It makes me a little nervous that I haven’t had a bleed since I got cancelled last time, but the nurse who taught me how to inject the lupron didn’t seem too worried. I called into my RE’s office this morning and of course she wasn’t in today. I played phone tag with my patient coordinator a bit. The first message said well since you haven’t had your period yet we will do a p4 (preg test and progesterone check) and then see if we can bring on a bleed. I was like no. That is not what the nurse said. Since I work so close by I walked up there and talked to her myself instead of playing more phone tag. I told her what the nurse said and she said she would talk to another nurse to clarify, but that it probably will be fine. She called me back just as I was getting home that tomorrow will be everything. Baseline, lots of blood work, pap, etc. They said they will see what is going on and if things look quiet than I can start the follistim. It makes me nervous that my cycle will be screwy like it was the last time I didn’t get a period, but I’ll ask tomorrow. Have any of you guys been on the lupron protocol and not gotten your period and had everything still be ok in the end? I hope that I get someone nice. I will be doing this all in my lunch break so I will have to make sure I have something in my stomach before I go.

I also scheduled to have my drugs sent tomorrow to work. I am getting another 14 day kit of lupron and my low dose hcg. I really hope they won’t tell me that I can’t continue after I ordered all these drugs. The low dose hcg is only good for 30 days. What else? Not much. I didn’t not sleep well last night. That didn’t help with me being cranky, teary at the end of the day. I can’t wait till tomorrow is done and over with. I want to have my drugs in hand, the pap over, and know that I don’t have any cysts and that I can start with the follistim.



  1. All the waiting and wondering is so stressful! I was on the Lupron protocol for my last cycle and it took FOREVER for AF to show up again. I hope you can start your stims soon with nothing standing in your way!

  2. hopeisafourletterword

    Why does AF always show when you don’t want her too but when you do she is MIA?? SO frustrating! Hope you get some good news at the Dr tomorrow!

  3. Hope it comes soon so you can get your cycle started! Enough waiting for you already! Keep us posted on the appointment tomorrow.

  4. FCblacksheep

    I hope tomorrow speeds by and you can get this new cycle started. Never on Lupron so I can’t give any advice, but I’m really hoping it all goes well.

  5. ARGH! Come on AF — show up! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything is a-ok tomorrow and they tell you that you can start the stims. I also hope they can provide an explanation as to why AF is missing b/c that’ll be just one less thing to worry about during your cycle.

  6. Praying that your appointment goes well tomorrow, and that you get a good start to this cycle.

  7. Hey there! I haven’t been on Lupron so I can’t give any advice there. When I took progesterone to provoke my period before my first IUI it took 10 days for my period to arrive!!!

    I hope that you get good news and can start things right away!!

    • Thanks. I have been on progesterone too and it usually takes that long. I have even been on it once and never got my period after two weeks lol.

  8. I worry about it, too, when the cycle doesn’t go perfectly. I only spotted two days on the last one. I never did respond to progesterone – I just have to wait each time for my cycle to start, and it’s usually about 6-8 weeks between each cycle (SUCKS!!) I just want it to go right so I’m getting the most out of the effort, you know? All the time and money, heart and hope that goes into each cycle.
    I’m so excited for you this round! I want this one to be THE ONE for you!

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