Off bcps

Today will be day ten of my lupron shots and three days off my birth control pills. No period yet. It feels like she is coming, but she hasn’t shown up. From googling around it seems that most people get their period three to 10 days after stopping their birth control pills while on lupron. I’m not too worried though. I know my period likes to not show up so I specifically asked when I was at my consult what I should do if she doesn’t show on time. The nurse said that if she isn’t here by this coming monday that I should call them and I will go in and have my baseline scan anyways and if things are fine then I will just start with the follistim. I also have an appointment scheduled on tuesday so I might see if I can combine it with a baseline scan. What am I doing on tuesday? They are updating all my yearly tests – infectious diseases, pap smear, etc. Everything they do for a new person coming into the center for the first time. I am not looking forward to all the blood they are going to take. I remember it was a lot.

When I had my consult I was asking about side effects. She said if I was going to feel much I was going to really feel it this weekend. She was right. I have been having increasing hot flashes. I laid on top of the bed last night in shorts underneath the ceiling fan and was trying to cool down. Then this morning I was cold so I got underneath the blanket. Then I got really hot so I took it off. Then I put it back on again lol. This morning I also had big plans of sleeping in, but that didn’t happen. I woke up the normal time I get up for work and could not fall back asleep. So annoying! I tried taking a nap today and it did not work. I could only fall asleep for maybe 10minutes or so. Ok enough complaining.

We went to a minor league baseball game last night and it was fun. We went with a bunch of work people. I work with such nice people. Too bad we lost. We didn’t even score once. I also bought a new purse. My old purse’s straps were starting to frey and wear through. I got my new one from ko.hls. It’s cute and big enough to hold everything I lug around. I like to have everything I need on hand including any meds, a water bottle, wallet, gar.min, with plenty of room to spare. They were having a sale and I saved $20 😉This is the one I got. It also came with two matching accessories.



  1. Marla

    Love your purse! Z and I went shopping at Kohl’s today. Spent way too much money there but it’s the only weekend of the yr where we don’t have to pay sales tax on clothing in Tx. That’s one thing I miss about living in PA – not having to pay clothing sales tax.

  2. Jessica

    Cute purse…I LOVE Kohl’s!! Both times I was on Lupron & BCP’s, AF showed 4 days after my last BCP….but everyone’s body is different. I hope she shows soon!!

    • That would be tomorrow for me, I would love that 😉

  3. I hope that AF shows up soon! And I absolutely love love love your new purse! It’s getting to be that time for me too.

  4. Come on, AF! You were so smart to ask the question about AF not showing up. Love the new purse!

  5. Nic

    The horrible hot flushes were bad at the start but will calm down once u start stimming. X

  6. Cute purse!! And I love minor league baseball games. I used to go a bunch in college to see the Durham Bulls play. It’s a really fun time ’cause you’re so close to the action!!

    Hope AF shows soon and you can get this show on the road!!!

  7. You poor thing with those hot flashes!! =( Those are the worst. I hope they stop soon and AF shows ASAP! Also, cute purse! Kohl’s is great, you can get such good deals there.

  8. FCblacksheep

    Love the purse and love Kohls. Is that the color you got? Love purple.

    Yeah on the end of BCPs! Woo hoo. I remember my bloodwork was like 6 vials; it sucked. Good luck with that and I hope you’re able to combine everything for Tuesday.

  9. AL

    The hot flashes sound awful! Hope that AF shows soon.

    Love Kohl’s and that everything is always on sale 😀

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