One more bcp

Tomorrow will be the last birth control pill I take this cycle yea. Hopefully it will be the last one for a long while. The next thing I do after stopping birth control is to continue on with the Lupron until I get a period. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for af. The only two side effects I have felt while on lupron is cramping that feels just like menstrual cramps and a feeling of teariness that could make me cry if I don’t push it out of the way, or if I got provoked or frustrated enough. As I have continued to take it the feeling of AF coming has increased, so I’m hoping she shows up soon after I stop taking the bc pill. I’m a bit nervous that I won’t be able to continue this cycle because at baseline I will see the follicles that I did have last time (though they never got above 12-14mm) still there and that they will have turned into cysts or something. I have never had a cyst before so I don’t know how likely that is, but I just want the all clear and not have to worry about that.

I got my contacts yesterday afternoon. I was expecting more of a huge difference in my sight with them in, but it wasn’t that much of a difference. However, I think my eyes are like what the heck are in me and are not used to them at all. I am hoping that once my eyes get used to having contacts in them and the prescription that I will notice more of a difference. I practiced putting them in and taking them out twice while at the doctors office. Once I was at home I put them in again to wear them for a tiny bit and get my eyes used to them. It took 30 minutes to get them in and then 30 minutes to get my right one out. I was so frustrated at the end of trying to get the right one out. My eye was all red because I kept trying to get it out. That was real fun because then 30 minutes later I had to get my Lupron for the night. I’m hoping that my eyes adjust to having contacts in them and that I get quicker/better and putting them in and taking them out.



  1. Oh I feel for ya! I want to wear contacts so much but I absolutely suck at taking them out. That frustration actually gets scary there at the end. Keep practicing! I’m convinced that’s what makes the difference. I hope it gets easier very quickly for you.

  2. FCblacksheep

    So first off, let me just just give a belated yippee on the sticking yourself. Fabulous work. Double yippee on the last BCP. Hope everything goes smoothly afterward. And I really hope those eyes get used to those contacts soon. I would’ve thought it’d be an instantaneous great sight thing too.

  3. Seeeee ya BCPs! That is awesome, you are getting there. May you never, ever have to take them again! I bet your period will show up in a couple days and there will be no cysties. Get ready, you have no choice but to rock this cycle. xo

  4. Crossing my fingers that you are getting rid of the bcp’s for good!! I wear contacts and sometimes when I go to take them out my eyes are dry and make it impossible. I squirt a tiny bit of saline in my eyes and it usually does the trick! Good Luck!

  5. when i was taking BCPs those really messed with me, i hated taking them. I was so glad when it was finally over

  6. Gosh, I am just a few days behind you. My last BCP will be on Saturday and hopefully AF shows next week sometime. And hopefully both of us will be cyst-free!! But that’s something you really shouldn’t even worry about since it’s never happened before. Try and stay positive!!!

  7. yaay for your last bcp and for getting on the road. sending you lots of luck and positive vibes for this cycle!!

  8. More good thoughts for the all clear! I love your description of your eyes being all, “what the heck!” I once scratched my cornea and had to wear a contact lens in that eye and I thought my eyeball was going to start a revolution against me. I have stuck to glasses ever since. 🙂 Here’s to a great cycle for you, girl!!

  9. woohoo! hopefully that’s your last BCP ever!!! don’t worry about cysts!

    i hated hard contacts (tried them in high school). they kept popping out of my eyes! hang in there!

  10. I’m sorry you’re feeling anything on Lupron–I was hoping it wouldn’t affect you. (Though the teariness–sounds like me on a normal day!) I hope you get used to the contacts soon. I find that I can’t see as well as with my glasses, which is a bummer, but I hate those glasses so much it’s worth it!

    I also wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me the other day. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear.

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