I stuck myself

So I am two nights in on the lupron and I did both sticks myself. Yea me. I drew blood tonight though. The worst part is breaking the skin. After that it’s easy. I was looking at the vial of lupron and it made me nervous. I have only been doing this for two days and it already seems half empty. I pull the needle to 20 something (I forget the measurement name, I think iu) each night. Have you guys run out of lupron quickly before? I know I will need at least another 14 day kit later on, but I thought it would last longer. Maybe it will last longer and I’m just getting nervous for nothing. It would be like a Hannukah miracle if it did last long enough. LOL.



  1. i was on a higher dosage for about one week and then it was cut in half, does yours do that. My lupron lasted two weeks and then some

    • Yes, I believe my lupron dose will go down after a certain point. I’m not sure if it’s when I get my period or when I start follistim. Glad to hear your lupron lasted long enough. Most of the blogs I’ve read said they do that, I was just nervous.

  2. Hooray for sticking yourself! (haha that sounds weird, but you know what I mean) You are far braver than I am, my DH always had to do it for me. That’s so awesome!

  3. Nic

    Well done for the injections!! I cant help you with how long it said it would last as my came in different size bottles I think.

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully it will all be worth it!

  4. My guess is the Lupron bottle started half full. 20 IU is a teeny amount of meds, so there’s no way you’ve pulled out half a vial with two days worth. 🙂

    Congrats on getting over the mental hurdle of sticking yourself! *hugs*

  5. yay! i knew you could do it! i was on 20 units and i was surprised how long a single bottle lasted. i think for up to 14 days at that dosage.

    the breaking the skin part is the worst! you have to do it fast (which i’m totally not good at)!

  6. Stumbled across your blog: I start my Lupron tomorrow morning, but when I received my 14-day kit, I was for sure that there was not enough in my vile. I am glad to hear from others that there will be!!

    Good luck!

  7. Wow! You go girl! That’s awesome! I was never able to stick myself!

  8. Just catching up on my blog reading. I love, love, love your new header. It’s so you! And it’s so cute! 🙂

    No idea about lu.pron, but yay for sticking yourself! I knew you could do it!

  9. Go YOU! I think sticks get a lot easier after a while. I hope you don’t need too many more…

  10. Just wanted to cheer you on and send you some needle-support. Sticking yourself is not easy and you should be proud! The ticker is a great idea.

    Your new header is absolutely adorable! I love it 🙂

    I hope you’re able to get out of the baby shower thing (from a few posts back). Maybe you could tell them a day, full fill any planning/helping obligations but back out of the actual party part at the last minute?

  11. Congrats on giving your own shots! Sadly, I know nothing about dosage for Lupron, but hopefully you’ll have enough to last!

    Oooh, one thing I did read today (sent out in a helpful “Did You Know?” email we get at the hospital I work for everyday), is that if you make a “V” with your thumb and forfinger and press down on the skin, then stick yourself with the needle, it will hurt less because your body can’t tell the difference in pressure and pain that quickly. Now this may be completely useless info (I mean, I don’t know how limber you are and it would seem you would possibly need to be able to turn into a pretzel to accomplish this with fertility injections) but, hey, I thought I’d share. If it’s not useful info now, it may come in handy later!

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