A week in a day

I feel like I did a million different things today. I feel like I will sleep well when I finally do crash. What did I do today?

I went in a half an hour early since I had to leave early for my eye doctor’s appointment. Worked a bunch.

I talked to my patient coordinator twice and scheduled a meeting to learn how to give myself lupron and the hcg for tuesday. I will get a calendar then too. Yea for having things written out. I also scheduled for most of my drugs to be shipped on saturday. They said the hcg is only good for 30 days so I’m going to wait on that since I still have two weeks I think on bc pills and I’m not sure when I’m going to start it.

In the middle of the day I went down for Zumba class. It turns out I was the only one there! The teacher said they are thinking of cancelling that class of zumba. They have others, but I guess in the middle of the day doesn’t work for most people. So I got a personal zumba lesson. I was a little nervous and couldn’t hide, but I think I did pretty well. I was slowly getting the hang of the songs and getting better. I sweat a lot and got a really good work out though since she was only focusing on me. I was tired when it was over. It was neat though – she even incorporated small weights into the zumba to tone in addition to the cardio stuff. I’m going to see what other zumba classes I can fit into my schedule and what I would have to do to go to them. I’m not sure if I’m going to go to this hour of zumba again or not. I don’t really want to be the only one again, but she said there are usually six people. So we will see.

After Zumba, I went back to my office, worked some more, and then left at 3pm. As I wrote in my previous entry I was nervous for this appointment. I told myself to suck it up and try contacts to see if they helped and how I did. I imagined that it would take forever to get them in my eyes. The Dr. who put it in only had to try a few times. I was glad for the numbing drops, but I don’t think I did that bad. Though, she was putting it in. Once she got it in I was like, omg what do I do now? She said blink and let me get used to them for a little bit. Then she tested me with the eye chart and different lens amounts to get the right prescription. In the end I could read three or four lines better than before! My vision wasn’t perfect, but it was better. Yea for hard contacts. They asked me if I wanted to get them and I said I wanted to think about it and talk to my husband over night and then I would call them back in the morning. I talked to my husband and he thinks I should do it. The options are laser surgery (while I know really isn’t that big of a deal and is short) which I’m not ready to do emotionally and contacts. I think I’m going to go with the contacts. I have had glasses forever so it’s going to be weird. I feel like I’m prettier with glasses and look weird without them, but I guess that’s an adjustment. I hope I will be able to get them in and out but they will teach me that next time and with practice I will get better. I mean I have a master’s degree. If I can get that I can master contacts right? I hope so.

I found a necklace on amazon that I really like. I think it’s pretty and it has a good message. However, there are two reviews. One review is of a person saying they love it and one person says they hate it and wouldn’t give it to anyone they like lol! I asked the husband and he said it is probably a little cheaper than the picture and smaller, but it’s probably ok. He didn’t like the self affirming message though. What do you guys think?



  1. FCblacksheep

    The same thing happened to me before when working out. At first, I was like “I really don’t want to be the only person in here” and then after a bit it was kind of cool.

    Glad the appointment went OK. At least, there’s a contact option. That’s good. And I know what you mean about looking prettier. I wear glasses only for long distances and driving and sometimes after I’ve had them on for a bit and take them off, I feel like I look strange and not as cute. You’d think it’d be the opposite with blurry vision. Ha ha.

    I like the necklace. It seems like something you could wear all the time and even tuck under your shirt, as something that’s just there to give you a little extra strength. Sometimes I still wear this old horoscope necklace I got when I was 15. It aint pretty but it makes me feel calm.

  2. EC

    Wow – what a busy day! I’m sure the contacts are an adjustment, but I would want to give them a try too. Eye stuff freaks me out. I hope the contacts do the trick!

    I like the necklace! Could you return it if you aren’t happy with it?

  3. I’m so glad the hard contacts let you see so much better! I’m also glad it wasn’t too bad getting them in. I use soft contact lenses (sometimes, my eyes get irritated now from wearing them for so many years) and have always wondered what hard contacts feel like in your eyes.

    As for the glasses, if you prefer yourself in them could you possibly get clear/plain glass put into your lenses? I bet it wouldn’t be too expensive!

    I like the necklace. I hate when amazon only has 2 reviews and they’re directly opposite each other haha. I say go for it and then if you change your mind you can always return it!

  4. Hah that’s too funny that you were in the Zumba class alone. I would have felt weird too but congrats for actually doing it! Zumba is so much fun – I need to find another class to go to. I didn’t like getting so sweaty in the middle of my work day though – I don’t want to shower afterwards and even if I did, I would never have enough time. Curious how you handle that, if you want to share.

    The necklace is pretty but my feeling is that the bad review is probably the more accurate one. I bet you could get something with the same type of message, but much higher quality, off of Etsy.

    • Good call on etsy, I will have to look on there and see what they have.

      I’m the same way with you on showering. I didn’t shower, though they do have one. I just went back to work and hoped I didn’t stink. lol. That would be one advantage of a night class.

  5. I know what you mean about feeling weird without your glasses. I have worn glasses for almost 30 years (good Gawd!) and every time I go see the optomotrist they try to sell me on contacts. They just don’t work for me. My face looks funny without my glasses, and I have the WORST time trying to get them out. I am a glasses girl, pure and simple.

    I hope that the hard contacts work well for you and prevent you needing to have the laser eye surgery (I don’t blame you for not being ready for that yet… it freaks me out!!)

  6. LTB

    Busy girl! Way to go with the exercise! You are doing awesome! And I am so proud of you for staying and doing the class all by yourself! I would definitely be too shy! Glad you have your next cycle all set up, sounds like a great plan!

  7. If it’s any use, my first Lupron shot did nothing at all, side-effect wise. Of course, I was doing it for something very different, but I’m hopeful it won’t make you nutty, and WILL do a lot of good. I’m just happy to see things progressing for you. And yeah, contacts are weird at first, but you’ll adjust pretty quickly!

  8. rainingblossoms

    Getting used to contacts took me a while too. I still think I look strange when I wear them…but thankfully I don’t wear them often. But, I used to get a ton of compliments when I wore contacts. I am sure you will too.

    I agree…try Etsy. They have amazing stuff!

  9. Wow! You did have a busy day! Good luck with the contacts. I hope they’ll be an improvement in sight for you and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure the “ins and outs” of them!

    I’m not sure about the message. The saying puts me off a bit because its very similar to something Dr. Frank N. Furter says in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and, although I love that movie, I shuddered when I read the saying. But that’s just me!

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