Mish mash

This entry will be a mish mash of stuff that is floating around in my brain at the moment.

I had stomach issues today and it was not fun. It wasn’t my normal ibs type stuff either. My stomach was making loud noises and making me feel gross. It didn’t help that the Dr. that I work with came right as I was having issues. I tried going to the bathroom, but no help. I ended up taking an immodium and that made me feel a bit better and able to get through our meeting. But because my stomach was kinda angry I ate more carbs to be safe for lunch. Yes, I know I didn’t have to eat french fries, but I did ;-p

I got on the scale this morning like I have been doing every morning. I know your supposed to only get on the scale once a week, but I can’t help it. I really hope it wasn’t a fluke and that it won’t go back up tomorrow – though it might because of my fries. Anyways – I lost 1.5 pounds!! Yea! That rocks. It made my morning. I had been really tired and grumpy – I couldn’t fall asleep last night till after midnight so that powered me through the morning.

I have started playing with the app LoseIt! You can put in what you eat and the exercise you do and it will track it all for you. Fun stuff.

I have my next eye doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m nervous. Many new readers don’t know that I have an eye condition called Map dot dystrophy that has affected my vision. They have been trying to correct it so that I can see better. I can still see, but I can’t see far away very well and I do notice my vision has decreased some. This visit they want me to try hard contacts to see if they will shape my eye and make my vision better. I am not ready for laser eye surgery especially during all this ttc stuff. One step at a time. I have never used contacts before and I’m nervous about them sticking them in my eyes. I know millions of people do it every day, so it can’t be too horrible, but I have always had glasses so that I could just put them on my face and go. I hope everything goes ok and that my vision has gotten a tiny bit better. I’m not sure there has been much of a change though. I wish I could just get stronger glasses and be done with it.

One thing I am looking forward to tomorrow is Zumba! That class was fun though way fast. I hope I am a little better than I was last time I did it. It also means that I am done with exercise for the week after class! Yea for that.

I did some research on Lupron today while at work. I learned a couple of things that makes me feel good. One – they use lupron to quiet everything down and give things a even start with hormones which I think I may need. Two – lupron is used for women who even with fertility meds only get one follicle to try with (me!) to get them more than one follicle, and three – lupron gives the follicles and lining some extra time to grow so that they will be bigger and thicker. I really hope this works.



  1. FCblacksheep

    I hope it works too. Glad you found some positive things.

    Best of luck on the appointment tomorrow. And yippee on losing weight!! Oh, and I so hear you about the fries, and the immodium (I just chugged some maalox myself).

  2. Marla

    I hope the hard contacts trial goes well. I have an eye condition where soft contacts irritates my eyes, so the next step is using hard contacts. Except I can’t find a doc who’s willing to write me a script for them (bc hard contacts are usually hard to adjust to, and end up being a waste of money – well, at least that’s the theory of all the eye docs I ever went to). So in the meantime, I wear glasses and on rare special occasions, soft lenses. Hope your fitting goes well. 🙂

    And congrats on the weight loss!!!

  3. Congrats on the 1.5 lbs lost….that is awesome!!! Enjoy the class today. xo

  4. Hooray for the weight loss!!

    It seems like there’s a lot of things going on in your life right now! I hope that the lupron does the trick. I’ve used it before in a microdose for my last IVF cycle, but that was more used to suppress ovulation. I’m hoping that for you it does the trick.

    As for the contacts, I wore soft contacts for a long, long time until I got PRK done on my eyes. After awhile you get used to wearing them and it’s no problem. Good luck!

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