So I had my consult with my RE today. I wanted to write what number consult it was, but I can’t remember and I am lazy and don’t want to count back. So yea.

I went in with a page filled with questions. Most of them were covered by just talking to him. I think he thinks I’m a bit nuts, but oh well. I don’t think telling him a few times that I liked the Valium helped any lol.

So here is what we talked about/what I learned/what we planned for next cycle

He didn’t seem very concerned with my really light periods. He said they didn’t affect how my cycles turn out and he said it’s probably because periods have a slow burn and make the lining thin or something. I can’t remember what he said exactly. It seems like it’s the opposite of what the other lady told me – that birth control will make my estrogen go up and then have a thicker period, but whatever.

I asked what we learned from the sono that I didn’t already know. He didn’t say much. He did say he doesn’t think the small polyp was anything and the fact that we know I have one tube open is good. He didn’t think I had tube issues in the first place and because I might be going into ivf which doesn’t matter if my tubes are open or not he isn’t going to make me do the hsg (yea!) and isn’t in a hurry to cut me open with a lap either. Sweet!

I told him I was not ready for IVF. I am getting there, but I have never even done an IUI yet so I want to try at least one of those before I move to IVF. Since I wasn’t ready for IVF we talked about what we could do to change things up from what we are doing right now.

We talked a lot about how each follistim cycle I have done has gotten longer and gotten worse. He mentioned that I tend to have higher levels of LH. Not way high, but higher than normal, but not even as high as some pcos women get. He also said it spikes. Sometimes I have high lh sometimes it’s ok. It’s hard to predict. So based on that we came up with a sorta ivf like protocol for the next cycle. He was sorta grasping at straws. He said my body really isn’t cooperating with much and there isn’t that much he is sure to do with out moving to ivf. He said that once I have the right amount of follistim in my body and my follicles start growing my estrogen level is ok. He also said that the best estrogen is the stuff I make naturally versus anything synthetic so he really didn’t think giving me any extra estrogen was the right thing to do.

So here is what we are going to do. I am going to stay on my pill till the end of the normal pills. I am going to get another pack of bc pills and do a week of those. While I am on that week I am going to do a week of lupron. I’m a little nervous about this because I keep hearing people call it loopy lupron. He is putting me on this to suppress my LH. He thinks that my LH levels may be too high at baseline and then later in the cycle it screws with things because when I do get big enough follies my own body surges on it’s own before I get a chance to get big enough follies and thick enough of a lining. It’s worth a shot. So I do the lupron and once I’ve done it for a week I stop the birth control pills. I can’t remember how long I’m going to be on lupron, but I know that I stop the bc pills after a week of being on the lupron and then wait for my period to show. After it shows I go in for my baseline and hope everything is ok. If everything is normal then I start with my follistim. He said since I’m suppressing with lupron that he feels more comfortable giving me higher doses of the follistim. To make sure I’m not too suppressed he is going to fit low dose hcg injections in there somewhere. I’m kinda fuzzy for all the details since it’s a lot more than my normal just follistim thing. I”m sure I’ll have them tell me step by step a bunch of times.

We also talked about ivf a bit. He said ivf can cost $11 to $13k per cycle with out insurance. Husband is going to look into possibly increasing his insurance coverage. Right now we are on the basic plan, but if he boosts it some I think we can get more coverage. He is going to talk to an insurance agent when he can. He thinks open season is October and knowing my cycles if this cycle takes the normal month and then I go on birth control for a month by the time I do decide to possibly do ivf we will be able to change our coverage. So we will see.

He said that he doesn’t think I have an egg issue, but he can’t say for sure. He also said that my hiding left ovary may cause some issues with IVF, but he hopes that it would have lots of follicles and then get big and pop out and then be ok. He doesn’t think I”m a poor responder. He has just been being careful with my follistim dose because he didn’t want to increase it too quickly and make things go gang busters. He also said that I can with in moderation bring back some of my soy stuff. Yea for Morning Star Farms products.

I know I have read a bunch of you who have been on lupron to supress things. Most of you were doing ivf though right? Anyone have any experience with the protocol he put me on? I really hope this works. I have a feeling that the reason I’m not getting pregnant is a hormonal thing and not because I have a blockage or something. So *fingers crossed*



  1. that really does sound like an IVF protocol. just to even things out, my only side effect from lupron was headaches. I can talk myself into side effects so i tend to not pay attention to what others say. i did discuss with my RE why i was so exhausted while on my IVF protocol and he said because it’s mimicking the 1st trimester. so you might experience exhaustion.

  2. I am so proud of you for getting all of your Qs answered.

    FYI, we have kinda opposite problems (with the same outcome: no pregnancy)….I have SEVERELY low LH, like, un-measurable by CD6 of a stimmed cycle (!!). The low-dose HCG mimics LH in the body, so that’s why my new RE put me on it this cycle. It is a stimulant. I think if you’re overly-suppressed, it’s a quick way to get things going in combination with the Follistim. I had no side effects (other than the usual bloat, blah) from it.

    I really like the new protocol. Hoping beyond hope it’s the perfect formula to get you knocked up!

  3. Jessica

    Glad you got some answers and you have a plan. I didn’t have any side effects with Lupron…so its not bad!!

  4. Oh my that all sounds complicated. I hope it is just what you need.

  5. Nic

    Your protocol sounds the same as my ivf protocol. The Lupron for me was not too bad, only a few side effects. Everyone is different on it. It sounds like a good plan. Let me know if u have any questions about my cycle.
    Good luck. X

  6. Your protocol reminds me of the Lupron-based protocol at my clinic. I didn’t need it because suppression with BCPs was enough for me but I went to injection training with people who used it. I am really liking how you’re pulling out all the stops for this cycle! Hopefully this will be what you need!! *hugs*

  7. Wow. Sounds tricky, but hopefully it will be just what you need!

  8. Don’t assume that boosting your insurance coverage will automatically mean your IVF will be covered. Most couples undergoing IVF do so self paid because most insurance plans don’t provide coverage. Fourteen states mandate some form of coverage for infertility, and typically only those employers subject to the mandate actually cover IVF.

    Start researching the alternatives sooner rather than later. Know the state laws, rebate options, tax deductions, etc.

    Good luck!

  9. FCblacksheep

    Wow, that’s a lot to absorb, but you did an awesome job of keeping it all order. It sounds good that’s he at least trying to change it up a bit to what other methods may work. Fingers crossed.

    I’m really interested to hear what your husband finds with the insurance. I can’t find a private agent yet who will sell me infertility coverage, but I think because I’m trying to get supplementary insurance and keep my work plan.

    I like how you’re taking it all step by step and being thorough about everything. It’s good.

  10. i’m excited you have a new plan! the lupron isn’t that bad. let me know when you know what your dosage will be. i was on 20 units for 2 weeks and now i’ve dropped down to 10 units for the final week. i have had some hot flashes, and i’m forgetful. maybe also a bit bitchier than normal. but nothing too bad!

    so glad you can do your soy again. i know you’ve been missing it!

    good luck with seeing if you can get IVF coverage, but i really, really hope you won’t need it!

    as usual, i’m thinking of you!

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