The new saga

So I had another monitoring appointment this morning. Two days in a row of getting up early. I’m tired. There is a new blood taker who I don’t like. She barely says anything to you and it hurt when she took my blood. Bleh, bring back the old people.

My lining is growing a bit, I’m almost up to 6mm which is good. I have about 3 follicles that are growing. I doubt they will all make it to the end though. I think the biggest is still 14 by something. She had a hard time finding my ovaries again – gah I need a new lady to scan me I keep getting the same lady. She said my ovaries might be right next to each other and it was hard to figure out if she was looking at my left or right ovary. She ended up scanning me on my stomach again and that didn’t help that much. She said next time I come in (meaning she was going to scan me again) I should come in with a full bladder so she can scan on my stomach first and then I can go pee and then they can do an internal exam to see what is up. I was like fine. I do have order another vial of follistim though. Thank goodness it’s covered through my insurance so it’s only a $35 dollar co-pay each time, but still it’s all addding up with the co-pays for each office visit since this cycle is dragging on. I’m having it delivered to my office for the first time. I had been having it left at my house and then since it’s been so hot I leave work, drive home, pick it up and put it in my fridge, and then drive back to work. I want to see how it goes with getting it at work. It will be a quiet day so no one will be around hopefully. I’m also thinking of bringing a bag to put the follistim in so it’s harder to see what it is. Hopefully that will go ok.

I also mentioned my husband going out of town next week. She said I would hate for you to go through all of this and then not get to try. So she suggested freezing a sample. She called the front desk to see how much it would cost and it will cost $325 because they have to do a sperm analysis on it and then to freeze it and they can get two iui’s out of that if we decide to do two. So that makes me feel a little better. I wish the hubby would be there especially for my very first iui ever, but at least we can do it if we ever get to that point.

I just got the call back and my estrogen went DOWN. Good lord I’m sick of this crap. Has anyone had this happen to them and had a good outcome? What does this mean? She said we are still in the running and still trying. However, they are going to up my dose to two clicks above 75 so that’s probably like 100 or something. She also said that I may not need to do the sperm freezing thing. I guess because we are upping my follistim dose? I don’t know. She said I might still want to do it just to be safe in case it does run long and knowing my body it probably will so I think we are going to do it anyways, but ugh. Does the roller coaster ride ever end? Sheesh.

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  1. Oh man, I am sorry you are still slugging through the world’s longest cycle. That’s awesome abt the freezing tho…I’m sure it’s a big relief! You WILL get to the point of triggering, hoping and praying it’s sooooon.

    Also, my E2 went from 99 to 92 toward the beginning of my cycle. It totally freaked me out. But the nurse said it’s actually pretty common and part of the discrepancy is due to the lab recalibrating their machines, there’s some room for deviation. She said they get concerned if it’s a big drop or if it never rises. Now, all of that said, I’m far from the poster-child for good estrogen levels (sniff), but hopefully that’s what’s going on with you!

    • I have had the worst estrogen levels this cycle. I think that is part of my problem. Thanks for the reassurance though. I’ll just keep on chugging on. One step in foot of another.

  2. sooz

    Thank goodness the folli.stim is covered. I know how expensive that stuff is!

    I hope your E2 levels recover. I’ve heard of people having a dip in their E2 levels and recovering to go on to a successful cycle, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re the same!!

    • I hope that I go on to become one of those people, but right now with all the craziness of this cycle I just don’t see it yet.

  3. ugh, sorry about the up and down rollercoaster. i hope those follies surge towards the finish line, so that you can trigger and get into your 2ww already!! hang in there :o)

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough time this cycle. I hope all the work you’ve put into it leads to an excellent outcome. GL!

  5. I’m so sorry everything isn’t going as planned this cycle. I hope all the hard work you’ve put into it pays off in the end. GL!

  6. My estrogen went down a bit from one day to the next and the nurse said it was nothing to worry about as long as it didn’t go down significantly.

    • Thanks! I don’t know the numbers and how significantly it went down, but she doesn’t seem too worried, so I am going to try not to be as well.

  7. hollytraveling

    I have this saying when I get stressed “I want to get to off this ride now.” I think that applies here. I really hope you get to the end of this cycle soon. And freeze a sample…that’s interesting. At least it leaves the door open right? Hopefully you won’t need it.

  8. That is SUCH a bummer about your husband traveling. But you rock for having a plan in place in case it works out that way. All the monitoring and waiting and not knowing sound super stressful–I really feel for you!

    • I am a planner. I stress if I don’t have a plan or know how things are going to work out. Yes, the waiting is getting to me, But knowing that others have been through it before and two of my scanners have mentioned they have had some people inject up to 30 days makes me feel like it’s not too uncommon. So *fingers crossed* it’s over soon.

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