Goop *edited*

Got the normal scanner I don’t like as much again. She must just work the shifts I always come in on cause I have seen her an awful lot this cycle. She had trouble visualizing things again, which was a pain. I partly feel like it’s my fault. Sometimes when I eat stuff that will irritate my stomach some my bowels get inflammed because of my IBS. Because they are inflammed they get bigger and make my ovaries harder to see cause they are in the way. Last night I had beef on a stick that was marinated. I haven’t had red meat in a long time. I can’t help but beat myself up a bit about doing that when I really need her to see my damn ovaries and finish this cycle already. However, on sunday the RE was able to see both of my ovaries and I went to Hibachi the night before and ate some stuff that made my stomach a little gassy. So who knows. I’m just a bit frustrated.

The lining was back up to 5 something. I don’t remember most of the numbers for this scan because she had such a hard time seeing stuff and tried so many different ways and got confused onto which ovary she was looking at. I think the lining was 5.4 and I think my follicles were about the same size as last time, ugh. I should have mentioned my husband being gone, but I didn’t even think about it then. I will have to mention it at my next appointment. She eventually gave up scanning me internally and then scanned me over the stomach. She used a lot of goop that was cold. I tried to get most of it off at the end, but I felt a little when I bent over after the appointment.

I am really low on my follistim. Engineer hubby devised a way to see how much we have left by sticking some tape on the side of the pen and marking where we were before and after the shot last night – which was shot #20 btw – and then comparing those measurements to what was left in the vial. I think I have a couple of days left tops. I asked today if I should order more and she said wait to see what the blood work says. She said my estrogen was going up since my lining was triliminar and my estrogen did go up last time I got the call back so we will see. Please please damn cycle hurry up and don’t make me by a third vial of follistim for this cycle.


Got the call back. Estrogen is up to 150 and I am going back in tomorrow! I feel like I get a second chance at measuring my follicles. Follistim stays at the same dose tonight. Come on follies and estrogen, you can do it!

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  1. Jessica

    I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I hope things start moving quickly. Hang in there!!

    • I’ve been trying to leave you a comment and your blog won’t let me! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Beef on a stick! Lol! For some reason, I find that exceptionally funny. *shrug*

    I’m sorry that your ovaries are dragging ass yet again. Grrrr. Maybe you should make them pay for your next round of Follitism. After all, it’s their fault you need more of it.

    • LOL I wish I could make them pay for it. But being my ovaries they are making me pay for it yet again. Boo on them.

  3. I like your hubbie’s idea! I’ve always wondered how much follistim I use and couldn’t think of a good/easy way to monitor the amounts. Tell him I say thanks!

    I’m hoping that your lining increases and those follies get big and juicy!

    • LOL your welcome. You could also just write down the amount of follistim you use each night, add it up and then subtract it from the actual amount of follistim in the cartridge, but I never keep track.

  4. I’m sorry things are so frustrating! I hope the cycle hurries along so you don’t have buy more follitism!

  5. hollytraveling

    I feel like I want to stand outside your door and cheer you on each morning. “Give me an L ‘L’ Give me an O ‘O’…”

    What a frustrating cycle, but you’re almost there. I hope it happens soon!

    • LOL! Thanks for the cheers! They gave me a laugh 🙂 I hope they say the end is in sight tomorrow. I only have about a day or so left in my second vial of follistim.

  6. Grow follies and lining, grow!!!

  7. EC

    I hope things are moving along, and that you don’t have to order a third vial. What a pain! 😦 I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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