Still going

Just had my next monitoring appointment. My re did the actual scan which was a first. Right ovary has a couple, but the biggest is 14×14. Same for the left. Lining is triliminar, but still thin. Re actually measured it at less than last time, ugh. He said that we are still waiting for my estrogen to go up. Damn my body is slow. I asked if this was ok an he said he has had a patient with pcos go for a month with drugs, before she was ready! I really hope I don’t take that long! Ohy. Come on estrogen hurry up! If it doesn’t happen soon my husband is going out of town for business next week for like four days. So damn frustrating.


Estrogen did go up some. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was 100 something. My follistim stays the same and I go back in again on tuesday. Please please estrogen hurry up and be ready before hubby goes out of town.



  1. so glad your RE got to do the scan this morning (mine always does the scans, i think i got lucky that way) and that he could find both ovaries. can’t he give you estrogen supplements? i hope you get there soon! fingers crossed for good news on tuesday!

    • I asked and he said no. He said estrogen patches and such will just increase my lining and not do much with the follicles. he said once my estrogen hits everything will get bigger and go faster.

  2. Um, slow and steady wins the race? Lol, seriously, though, better to go slow and get it right. I have my fingers crossed that the timing works out with your DH’s trip, though…

  3. Hang in there … I really hope things are all aligned and you get to TTC before your husband goes out of town!!

  4. You just gotta hang in there! I feel the same way, just slogging through it all. I hope your estrogen catches up soon and you’re able to have the benefit of the hubster!

  5. AL

    Hang in there, hoping that your E2 goes up soon and you can have the IUI before he leaves! And hey, awesome that he found both your ovaries, right? 😀

    • LOL I guess that is why he is the RE 🙂

  6. I didn’t trigger til CD19. Ooooof, it’s a lot of sticking and early morning and obsessing over the monitoring results. I hope you are on the verge of blowing up–lining/follies/E2/etc–and that you can trigger that golden eggie ASAP! Hang in there LFL. xo

  7. hollytraveling

    It’s a whole different kind of amazing race. No offense but I do not envy you. Last cycle I went up to CD 27 or something but I did not have to stick myself. That’s really stinky. You’re doing amazing as always.

    It would be a really cool story if this was the cycle..”it was right before he was going to leave town…” They always say the best things in life always have the best stories attached to them. Or at least I say that.

    • I have heard that. It would be a great story to tell people. I had to inject myself 20 times and I didn’t think I was going to make it and then husband was going out of town. A whole comedy of errors. I hope it works out! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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