Long ass cycle *edited*

I wonder if I will get some crazy searches to my blog from that title.

Had my monitoring again today. I feel like as this cycle goes on and on the more anxious I am before blood draws and my follistim shots. I think I’m just tired of it. That and my hormones feel like they are really high today. I feel teary and worn down. It doesn’t help that I was bad and stayed up late playing on my ipod touch last night.

My lining was the same as last time 5.2. She actually found my left ovary for once which was good and I had a follicle on it that was 14×14 I think. I was like woah another one? Then she goes looking for my right ovary – the one with the four on it and she couldn’t find it!!! I was like noooooooo I just want her to be able to find it, see that they are bigger, and tell me that we are almost ready to trigger. Arg. I guess she used up all her karma finding my left ovary. So frustrating. I wanted to see if they were bigger. I have been feeling like they might be with feeling off for updatea few days. However, I guess that means nothing since my lining was the same. She said I will probably go back in during the weekend some time and that they will probably up my follistim dose agian. Fun stuff. I’ll update later when I get the call back on what I’m going to do next.


I’m not sure why what I typed on my ipod touch didn’t post here, but oh well I will type it again. I go in again on sunday. I am going up to 83.3iu’s of follistim. Should be interesting because a friend of mine from college is spending the night saturday. Hopefully I will be back by the time she gets up though the lady said that it will be really busy because of an ivf cycle. I counted the days and found out that tonight will be day 17 of follistim injections.



  1. Hey! That 14x14er sounds aweeeeesome and I betcha there is a big guy on your other side, too. I’m thinking you just have a few more days to go. I know what you mean tho…it is emotionally and physically exhausting to prep the injection and stick yourself at about the same time every day. After a couple of weeks the novelty wears off. 🙂 Hang in there LFL, you are so close. This is a GREAT cycle for you!

    • Thanks for the pep talk Egg! I needed it. Now that I get a few hours away from my appointment this morning I am feeling a little better. Very hungry. I hope they say I have to come back in soon so we can get another look at my right side.

  2. I’m so sorry for the frustration, but hang in there. You’re lining is looking good and that follie seems to be the one for this cycle. I’ll be thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts and vibes. 🙂

    • Thank you for your support I appreciate it!

  3. I know long cycles can be so emotionally and physically draining. I just wanted to mention that my longest cycle ever, when I stimmed crazy high doses for 18 days (which is the longest I ever heard of anyone doing, so I was a total nutcase) was my ultimately successful pregnancy IVF cycle. Against everything I read online and most REs predictions, my stimming for such a long time meant nothing in terms of a healthy baby even though I had just a few follies in the mix. Keep the faith, you can do this!

    • Thanks so much fir your comment. It is great to hear success can come from this. I am not sure how long I have been stimming this cycle. I will calculate it when I get home.

  4. hollytraveling

    Long cycles are the pits, and I never had to stick myself for 17 days. Yikes. But it sounds like everything is coming together right. Just a matter of when. And I think this sounds like a great cycle. Hoping it won’t be much longer.

    And I can’t wait to see what kind of public disclaimer you’re going to have to make based on that header. 🙂

    • LOL I will let you know what kind of response I get. Yea in the end it seems to be slowly coming together. I hope I make it and that it does all come together in the end.

  5. this does get tiring after a while, right?

    yay for the lefty!!! you’re so close! hang in there with the injections. your body just likes to do things on its own terms. hoping this is it for you!

  6. rainingblossoms

    I am so sorry that you have had to wait more…it sucks and is very tiring. And, all those hormones running through your body too…arrrggghhh. I hope this weekend and next week goes well!

  7. Another follie on the left, that’s awesome! You’re definitely going to have more than one to work with on ovulation day! That’s wonderful!
    Don’t lose heart! I never had a cycle that was less than 3 weeks. We just have more expensive ovaries – we have to court them longer before they put out those eggs! 🙂

    • Haha I like how you put it. More expensive ovaries is right! Your another turtle clubber!

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