My grapes

I had my next monitoring appointment today. I forget what day I am on. I think it’s like day 21 or something. I am blogging by email at the moment so I can’t just sneak a peak at my ticker.

My lining is thicker, yea! I think last time it was 3.2 or something and today it’s 5.2! That is like 2mm in two days! This excites me because my follicle still needs some time to get bigger so maybe at the end my lining will be even thicker 🙂 Things are finally slowly starting to get going. I have four follicles on the right side. The biggest is 12×12 and then I have a 10×11. The other two are smaller, but noticeable so I don’t think they are tiny tiny. They are watching me carefuly to make sure that the other two don’t get bigger as well. Again, they couldn’t find my left ovary and she even scanned over my tummy. Though I think if there was anything big there it would pop into view, so I’m not that worried. I was starting to feel yesterday like there was stuff going on down there. I was feeling crampy and a bit uncomfortable. So yea for things happening. I go back again friday morning and I up my follistim tonight to 75 iu’s. That’s the highest I have been yet.



  1. Good luck!! I have issues with a thin lining so I’m hoping that you get a thick, plump lining!

    • I have lining issues as well so *fingers crossed*

  2. Jessica

    Sounds like things are going well..I hope they continue to progress!! GL!!

  3. Sounds like things are taking FOREVER, which does sound really hard, but at least they’re looking good!

    • Things are taking FOREVER LOL. My tummy is getting sore from getting stuck so much.

  4. SCOOOOORE on the great increase in lining. that is AWESOME! Things are cooking up great. Slow & steady, that’s how we roll, hoping you have a nice fluffy lining, nice high E2 and two biggies when you go back in. xo

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