Operation Ninja was a success

We are back and I am glad to be home. I’m glad to be in my own house where I have my creature comforts around me and I can do what I want when I want. I’m also very glad to see my kitty.

We had a good trip, saw lots of family, ate a lot. I got in the pool, went to see fireworks and hubby’s grandfather, and hung out with all the young cousins. We got one comment that we didn’t have kids, but it wasn’t a when are you having kids question more of a statement that we didn’t so that we were still newlyweds.

Taking my follistim went pretty well. We stayed at hubby’s aunt’s place like normal. We normally go up for a big christmas get together with the extended family that lives up there. When that happens everyone comes to his aunt’s house and cooks lots of food and hangs out there most of the visit. However, this visit 95% of it was not at his aunt’s house and not many people were in the fridge. So that made things easy. I just stuck my follistim case in the back of the lunch meat drawer and no one said a thing. The only stinky thing was that we had many late nights where I didn’t get my Follistim at the time I normally get it, but I think it was still ok. Anyone how many hours off the normal time you can take your drugs with it still being ok? I normally get my follistim around 9:30-10pm. The first night we didn’t even get there until 11pm so I was like an hour off. Oh well. The first night we tried to do it earlier when more people were around, but his mom kept following us and wondering what we were doing. So we decided to just do it at the end of the day when the least amount of people were around and it would stay cool and safe in the fridge.

We got up at 5:45am this morning and drove the five hours back home so that I could come in for my monitoring appointment before 2:30 so that my blood work would be in on the same day. We actually made it there by noon so yea for that. Got my blood work and then was scanned. My lining is still thin, but I believe my estrogen is still kinda low. I’m hoping that once it starts rising it will go up too, which it probably will. They are going to watch me careful now though. At today’s scan we saw follicles that looked like a string of grapes. I have one sorta “big” one at 11×12 and then like three or four smaller ones that were like 7 or 8mm I think. They still couldn’t find my left ovary. They don’t want all of them to grow so they said I might go slow and long with the follistim so we don’t get too many big ones. I am excited for a chance to have two follies to try with. I have never made it to the end of a cycle with two to try with. I’m always left with one. I would love to have a chance with twins and then be done with IF. So my fingers are crossed on that. I don’t want four though. That’s too much. It just stinks that I am already on day 17 and I will probably be going for a bit longer. Oh well. I got the call back that I’m staying with 66.6iu’s and I go back in on Wednesday. So we shall see.



  1. hollytraveling

    I’m so glad it all went well. Honestly, I think a few hours difference won’t matter at all. I had that 10-hour lapse (of course that was just femara) and I still ovulated….eventually. It did throw me off, but the nurse made it seem like it shouldn’t have.

    Yeah, on the two follies. I so hear you about the twins. The hilarious part about that is, Blue was always kind of freaked by twins. Now, I think he’s thinking a bit differently. Who wants to go through this again?

    Hope things speed up a bit. The long cycles really stink.

    • Glad Blue is coming around on the twins thing 🙂 I think your right about the timing of things! I hope your doing well!

  2. Congrats with the success of Operation Ninja! 😉

    Sorry that your cycle is once again dragging on and on. Stupid ovaries! Who needs ’em anyhow! Oh, yes. We all do. 😛 Hopefully, you’ll get two to work your mojo on!

  3. My nurses have said that +/- one hour is ok for taking the shot. I just think they don’t want you fluctuating between 3-4 hours everyday.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping everything goes well!! I have the whole low estrogen and thin lining problem too. It’s a pain in the ass…

    • I’m noticing more and more people who seem to have the thin lining/low estrogen thing. It must be a common thing. They don’t seem to do much about it though until the person gets to ivf.

      Thanks for the info on when to take the shot. I think I was ok with when I took it. It suprisingly hurt less when it was cold and hurt really bad last night when it was warmed up. I think I’m going to try taking it cold tonight.

  4. My RN said it was VERY important to get the shot at the exact same time, every night. I usually take it at 7, and one night towards the end I forgot until 11! I totally panicked and asked the doc about it at the u/s the next day. She was completely unworried about it! She said a fluctuation of a few hours is fine, and especially if you’re usually pretty close to the same time. So I think one random day off-time is totally ok.

    • It was more like two or three, but I think I’m ok 🙂

  5. i think your shots were timed totally fine :o) glad you had a good time and everything is moving along. *fingers crossed* for ya!

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