Operation Ninja is a go

I went in to the RE’s office again this morning so that they would have a shorter amount of time in between visits so that I would be able to go out of town. This time I got the lady I don’t really like, but I guess in a way it worked out. I felt like she wasn’t very thorough in her scanning me. Yesterday, the woman I like was like oh you have two follicles sized 10×11 and 9×8 and three smaller ones. Today the lady was like oh you have one small one that she measured and didn’t even bother to measure the other one. I didn’t see the other three ones. I doubt they could have disappeared so quickly, but who knows. She was like things are really quiet and we will probably up your follistim dose. She said they will look at my blood work and might even make it so I don’t have to come back in until Tuesday. I was like alright.

I was talking to her about my lining and she said well right now your estrogen is really low. Once you get a bigger follicle your estrogen will start to go up and your lining will thicken. I knew that, but I haven’t been asking my estrogen level so that was a nice reminder. Hopefully it will thicken up in time. I was up a few more mm’s this morning. I think I went from a 2.9 to a 3.4 or something.

I just got the call back and I did go up in my Follistim dose. I am now at 50 and two clicks or 66.6iu’s. I was up to this amount at the end of my cycle last time as well. I wonder why they didn’t just start me there. I talked to them about the blood work. I know that you have to be in by a certain time for the blood work results to come back the same day. She said as long as I make it into the office by 2:30pm on Monday I can have my monitoring appointment that day. Sweet. My in-laws make the trip all the time and are usually back by 1ish and do just fine. So I’m going! We just have to make sure we get up early and get going quickly. Hopefully that will reduce the traffic we hit as well.

I am currently packed and ready to go. I decided to just hide my Folliistim in the fridge. I put a piece of masking tape on my follistim case with my name on it so that if someone finds it in the fridge they will know it’s mine and not go snooping to see what it is. If anyone asks I will just say it’s a medicine I’m trying out for my stomach. They all know I have stomach issues so that should be fine. I packed a bathing suit because one of hubby’s aunts has a pool in their backyard. Can I tell you how excited I am to get in the pool? I haven’t been swimming in YEARS. I tried on my bathing suit and it still looks cute so I’m set.



  1. Sounds like a good way to keep your meds private while visiting! Enjoy a fun weekend of pool time! 🙂

  2. hollytraveling

    Go ninja go. I think that sounds like a fine plan, and it’s the least complicated. Have fun and I hope that lining continues to fluff up.

    And it definitely sounds like you’re due for some pool fun. Have a good time!

  3. Haha, steath ninja meds… they hide in plain sight!
    I like it. Have fun!!!

  4. Have a great weekend swimming! 🙂
    With our last IVF cycle, they started me really slow on Gonal F. I complained and fretted about it, and finally, they upped my dosage – and my E2 skyrocketed. So after that, they had to try to slowly wean it backwards. While I made a lot of follicles, when they harvested the eggs, most of the follicles were actually empty. Apparently that happens if you stim too fast too soon. I had 20 or so follies and we only got 6 eggs. So maybe they’re trying to avoid that sort of scenario? That’s just a guess, though.

    • Wowie. A lot to think about. I think you are right though. My clinic is always VERY careful about things and are never one to rush things. Glad to hear your e2 went up though 🙂

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