Starting up

Things are slowly happening in LowFatLady land which is good. However, a little stressful. I had my second baseline today and my lining is still thin at 2.9 but it is .8mm thicker than it was on monday so I guess that’s good. They found my right ovary right away and I have two follies in there. One 7×11 and another 8×9 I think. I also have three small other ones in there that she didn’t measure. She could not find my left ovary as usual, but I had one over there last time. She said she would check my blood work and get back to me on when I was supposed to come in next. I had a feeling she was going to have me come in on the weekend and I mentioned my plans to her of going out of town. She said that they will check my blood work and see what they could do.

My favorite scanner was supposed to call me back, but instead the mean one did. They didn’t give me an official answer on if I can go out of town or not yet, ugh. I am going in again tomrorow morning to see what things look like with the same dose of follistim tonight. Then tomorrow they will make the final decision. I hope they don’t take forever in giving me an answer because if I do go I will probably be leaving around 5ish. So I guess we will have to wait and see. Husband is not happy, but we are paying lots of money for this I don’t want to mess it up.

I still haven’t gotten an answer from my favorite scanner about the vitamins. I asked her how much I should be taking, but she wasn’t the one who called me back. I hope she does later today, but I doubt it. *fingers crossed* In other news about the vitamins – I like L-arginine. One thing people use it for is to help increase female libido 🙂 Second day I took it I felt some affects, so yea for that.

Lastly, our summer intern annoyed me today. I know she is young (junior in college) and didn’t mean anything by it, but she was being nosy today. She was like, “so you have been married four years? Are you going to have kids? What does your husband think about it? What do your parents think about it?” I was like gah stop being so nosy!!



  1. Sorry about the unknown weekend plans. It sucks that we have to make day-to-day decisions through all this. Hoping everything works out, but remember this is your priority right now and you need to do what’s best for you!

  2. AL

    I’m sorry that your plans for this weekend are still up in the air- that’s so frustrating that you have no control over it and you won’t know until tomorrow which way it’s going to go. I hope it works out that you don’t need to go – but don’t feel bad skipping out on family stuff if you have to.

    GL at monitoring tomorrow!

  3. Ew, I’m sorry they’re not giving you an answer on your plans. But fingers crossed on the cycle!!!

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