First Monitoring for Follistim 3.0

This morning was my first monitoring appointment for my third follistim cycle. All went pretty smoothly I believe. I got the scanner who always is able to find my ovaries which was good. I was kinda hoping to get her later in my cycle when I really need her to find something. I hope I get her again when I am in need.

I didn’t expect them to see much since this is early in my cycle. Well for me anyways since I have long cycles. I have two follicles. Both are pretty small. One is so small she didn’t tell me the measurements. The other one is 6x8mm which is also really small. So yes, we are at the beginning of the cycle. I have felt twinges and little boob aches every now and again so I thought something might be starting something, but who knows. It’s probably just the follistim. She said my lining is nice and thin like we like it right now. I said it’s always reasonably thin. I mentioned the lining issue again and she said it might be, but that is something that is hard to do something about. She said that people who are doing ivf get put on estrace and patches because their ovaries are being suppressed with drugs. However, with me since I’m doing injectables they increase the estrogen with making big follicles with the follistim and that is how they fix it. I mentioned the supplements Egg recommended to me and she said they would be ok to try and see what they do. Sorry Egg, I’m blogging through email, when I am home I will give you proper linkage. So tonight when I go to the grocery store I’m going to buy them (Vitamin E and L-Arginine) and hope for the best.

They called me a couple of hours ago and said that my next monitoring appointment is this thurday morning. I figure they are just trying to fit me in before the holiday weekend, even though they aren’t closed, to make sure they don’t miss anything. I doubt it will mess up my out of town plans, but who knows. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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  1. Glad you got the nice scanner and not that rude SOB. I saw your tweet about the vitamin E and I thought to myself, perhaps I need to be taking that vitamin (for the other reason you mentioned). Lol! So, if it works, let me know 😉 Good luck this cycle!

    • If it’s the tweet your talking about it’s not vitamin E that I was talking about it’s the l-arginine LOL 🙂

      • I stand corrected. L-arginine it is. Just let’s not tell the hubs, okay. Lol! 😉

  2. I’m so glad your HSG went ok. I don’t have to do one again for a year, but if we’re still doing this next year, I’m due again. Blech.

    My follies grow super, super slow, too. Agonizingly slow. It’s gotten to where I’m really good at naming a 6, 7, and 8 cm follicle without measuring! *sigh*

    • I had the sono, not the hsg, but thanks! Why would you have to have them every year? That sounds awful.

      I think that is amazing that you are able to look at the screen and know what measurements your small follies are. I can look at the screen and kinda tell they are small, but not how small.

      I hope everything is going well.

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