Today was a long ass day, but I survived. I had to travel into the city to work today, which went well. I got a lot done, but I was working really hard so I didn’t take enough breaks and didn’t eat enough. I was just trying to get as much done as I could. Before I left I called my RE and left a message with my coordinator telling her my issues. I waited all day for her to call me back, which she never did.

I finished work at the other location and then walked to the parking garage. Proceeded to get lost and not be able to find my car for about 15min and it was hot. Not fun. I’m parking in the garage I know next time. Drove back to my work since I had a half an hour left of work and because it’s where my RE’s office is. I called in the parking lot to see what was up. My coordinator was like oh the nurse hasn’t called you back yet? I was like no. So I talked to my coordinator for a bit. I know they don’t normally do the sono and baseline together and that my RE was doing me a favor. It confused her a bit and was like well we will do your sono and hsg and then next cycle we will go back to injectables. I was like no, my RE said that I could cycle during this I don’t want to wait anymore because I have already had to deal with two weird cycles. She was like ok. I talked to her for a bit and we scheduled my sono for tomorrow at 2pm. I asked if I had to come in earlier for blood work and she wanted me to talk to the nurse first before she said anything.

I waited a bit for the nurse to call. In the mean time I went grocery shopping and started my nervousness already about the sono. I’m such a goof. When she finally called she said that they don’t normally do a sono and a baseline at the same time because of the possibility of me still bleeding and she did not want to make me go through it twice. I was scared as crap that she was going to make me wait another cycle, but she came up with a plan I’m ok with. I’m going to do my baseline tomorrow like normal. Just blood work and ultrasound. On that day I’ll get my orders on how much follistim to take and that sorta thing. Then we will do my sono on thursday when I will be bleeding even less. She said the worst case scenario is that they will find something and I will be out two days of follistim. I am ok with that. I just want to start already.

I then started talking to her about my thoughts that I have low progesterone. She didn’t think that my symptoms meant I had low progesterone because my blood work usually comes back normal when they test it. She did think it might mean a lining issue. She looked back at my tests/blood work and found that my lining never gets really thick (the most it’s gotten is 6.3 or something) and that I’ve had these weird periods. She said that she will leave a note on my chart and they will really look into that on the sono. I asked what they were looking for because I have no idea. She said they would be look for any adhesions like scar tissue or something that is messing up my lining. She said if they find that then the RE will probably want to do a hysteroscopy and clear that out and make sure everything is ok. If they don’t find anything then they might give me a supplement or something to make my lining better and more fluffy. So in a way all this craziness brought about a good thing. Maybe they will find something on the sono (I really hope they don’t) and maybe they will give me some sort of supplement or something that will make my lining awesome and then I will have a great cycle, get pregnant, and then not have to deal with anything else. Maybe what they give me to help my lining will also help me to grow more and better follies giving me more of a chance *fingers crossed* Have any of you guys had any issues with your lining and been put on anything? Did it help?

Please send me good luck and calming vibes on Thursday. I’m already starting to get nervous. I keep telling myself that I will be fine. I’ve done everything before except for the small catheter with the saliene. I will be on drugs and hopefully that will make me less anxious. Oh please oh please I hope it goes well and I do awesome.



  1. Good Luck! You will be fine. I haven’t had the sono yet but I have had the HSG and I was sooooooo anxious before it and it was not bad at all.

  2. Jessica

    Glad they worked out a plan so you don’t have to wait another month. The sono is so easy, it doesn’t hurt its just kinda of gross because the saline comes out on the floor!! I hope everything looks normal…GL!!

  3. hollytraveling

    I never had any of those procedures done. I wonder if I should. And I had one month of thin lining due to clomid. Since I’m not doing the ultrasounds I don’t really know how thick it’s been, so no, I haven’t been on anything.

    Hope it all goes well for you, and I like your line of thought. I mean you don’t want anything to be wrong, but if they fluff it up and make a nice cushy home then that certainly won’t hurt anything.

    Sending all the good vibes I can muster. You will rock it. I know.

    • Thanks so much. Clomid is the one drug that does thin lining. So I wouldn’t count it out on that. But having a sono while not fun, might give you some idea if there is a problem there.

  4. EC

    I haven’t had a sono in ages, but I remember thinking it was kind of fascinating. I hope it goes well and that they don’t find anything unusual. Take deep breaths – you’ll do great! 🙂

  5. I know one blogger who was put on Viagra to thicken her uterine lining. I am sending you extra calming vibes for Thursday, you can do it! I will be thinking of you.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. I did a little reading and some people were put on viagra, an estrogen patch, or even estrace which I think some people on this blogroll have used.

      I had my baseline today with the woman I don’t like as much. She couldn’t find either ovary (I’m not sure if she isn’t that good scanning me or if it cause my stomach was a little nervous/having some ibs issues this morning) or what. When I told her I was having my sono on thursday she was like really? Your going to do it? Do you have anything for it? I said I had valium. She asked what strength? She was basically saying that she was amazed that I was going to do it, that she didn’t think I was going to be able to or I was going to have issues with it and that I would probably need a lot of drugs. I didn’t come out of that appointment very happy with her.

  6. Good luck!! I know having the sono is really stressful, but hopefully it will tell you what you need to know and then you’ll be able to narrow down all your options!

  7. Sending you lots of love. Best Wishes for your tests.

  8. I will be hoping your sono goes smoothly! I think alot of our corner of the blogworld has been quiet lately- we all need our breaks at some point!

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