Is it?

I thought AF was coming, but I’m having a weird start AGAIN. Saturday when I wiped I could see some blood, so I was like yea I’m spotting. But after going a few times things got lighter and not much happened. Today I have the spotting again, but it’s not really reaching my pad. I don’t normally have two days of spotting. I think I’m going to call into my RE tomorrow and see what they think. I think my periods are screwed’s up. I have a feeling the fertility med’s have something to do with it. I hope they don’t say well you need to wait for a full cycle day because I have been there and done that. This is what happened last month. I waited two weeks and nothing. I went on birth control for a month and I get this. So frustrating. I don’t want to miss this period if that is what this is. Guess I’ll wait to see what my body does and what they say it is. Fun that I will be out of the office tomorrow and not anywhere I can really go and talk private about this stuff. Oh well, gotta make it work. I really hope they just let me start this cycle already.

I’ve been reading a bit about low progesterone levels and I have a lot of the symptoms, but usually that is associated with bleeding and having a thin lining. I thought maybe it was low estrogen, but most of that discussion revolves around thin women that exercise a lot. Reading that got me into an-ovulatory cycles. Looks like I have a lot to talk to the RE about.



  1. KHBetterTogether

    I have low progesterone, spotting before period was just like you described, it never went away even with supplements. I had the same spotting when I got BFP. The water drinking helped (especially when pregnant, as I had a few episodes)

    The OBGYN and RE both were suprised the supplements didn’t help though so I would def ask

  2. Argh! The dreaded spotting…I know all about that. It just comes to tease you. 😦 I hope this time that AF is actually at the door. Since this has happened before, I would definitely ask your doc about what’s going on. I’m so sorry this is so frustrating!

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