Survived the week

It’s friday! Yea! I survived the week. I felt really tired this week. I know I worked an extra hour and a half this week because of meetings, which I will hopefully use the time when I leave early for my baseline/sono. Working an extra hour and a half isn’t that bad though. I have also noticed that my weight is going up again. That is partly because my stomach has been better and I can eat more stuff, possibly because of being on birth control, and because I eat when I’m stressed/tired. I’d like to focus more on eating healthy, but the whole tired thing gets me and I don’t. I need to plan more on that.

Speaking of working extra hours, my boss has extra money in our budget for the summer. She asked me if I wanted to work more hours on top of the extra hours that I am already working compared to my original contract. That would bring me up to full time – 40 hours a week. It wouldn’t affect my benefits or get extra days off, I would just get more money. However, after talking to my mom and hubby about it I’m not sure I want to do it. I’m tired already and I want to make sure I have time for all my RE appointments and such. I mean my job isn’t that strenuous, but after staring at the computer screen doing the same thing for hours on end it can get long. An I know that many of you are working 40 hours of week and going through this and you are totally awesome. I just enjoy being able to have a little flexibility with my work schedule in that I can schedule appointments and not have to worry about missing work and taking hours off.

We are now at the point when AF should be showing up. I was hoping that I would be spotting or seeing the signs by now, but nothing yet. She normally comes friday night into saturday sometime one week after I finish the birth control pills. I feel like she is going to show up any minute now, but I could be wrong. I really hope she shows up soon and we can get going already. I don’t want to have to take provera on top of this and have to wait more or figure out what is up with my body. So *fingers and toes crossed* Part of me wonders if that is part of why I’m not getting pregnant, but I know that is just part of pcos which is a major pain in the butt.

I went to the pharmacy today and bought a diabetic case thingy that is like a travel case for people with diabetes. They can put their injectable medicine in and any supplies they need. I also bought two ice pack thingies to go with it. They aren’t perfect size and exactly what I had in mind, but I hope it works. They are more like flat mats, though the lady said you could probably cut one in half with an exacto knife. When I got home my hubby was like you know you already have a case for your follistim? I was like oh yea, duh. The pen came with a zip up soft case with spots for the needle tops. So now I have two to choose from when I go away next week. Hopefully one of them will work well.



  1. Kelly

    Yay for making it through the week!

    Perhaps just talk to your boss. If you’d like the extra money but need her understanding/flexibility, it seems almost like a win-win situation.

    • I’m not sure if I want the extra hours though.

    • I actually could have the flexibility as in I wouldn’t have to work 40 hours every single week, (though I think she wants some sort of notice on my plan of hours for weeks) but knowing how long my cycle is and how it can get drawn out and I never know when things are going to happen, I just think it’s easier this way.

  2. Hooray for Friday! 🙂 I hope AF shows up soon. The less waiting the better when it comes to IF.

  3. Fingers crossed that AF shows……..

  4. I hope AF shows up soon!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. i say pass on the extra hours. you have a nice set up that allows you the flexibility you need. why mess up a good thing?

    hoping AF arrives ASAP! and i’m so glad you figured out a solution for traveling with meds. i once wrapped up meds and shoved them in the back of the bottom drawer of the fridge at my friend’s house. i wrapped them in a bag with an ice pack to travel. my friend never found out. good luck!

  6. Cool, I would work the extra hours that’s just me. A little extra money can and will come in handy.

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