Cycling while traveling

This morning while getting ready for work I started thinking about something. We are planning on going out of town for the fourth of July to visit my husband’s family and grandfather who is in a nursing home. However, I just realized that I will probably be cycling during that time and will need to use my Follistim when I’m there. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that before, ugh. I guess it’s finally one time when I wasn’t thinking about IF lol.

We will be staying at husband’s aunt’s place like we normally do. I am not sure how I am going to manage the follistim thing. I mean just getting the shot is fine, we close the door to our room. However, I have to bring it up in a cooler pack and store it in a fridge and bring the alcohol swabs and the sharpy box. Do I tell her that I am storing some medicine in her fridge or just hide it in some small corner? What do I say when she asks what sort of medicine? I can probably lie about that, but what if some other family member finds it in the fridge and is like what is this? ugh. We have not told anyone on that side of the family. Only my parents know really. Also I will probably have been cycling for about a week and a bit by then. What if I need a monitoring appointment during the time we are going to be away? I will have to make up something to tell my mother in law about why I can’t make it or can’t leave until a certain day. Though, knowing my response to Follistim, I may not need a monitoring visit for a while since I usually have a slow start. Anyone gone through anything like this? What did you do? Anyone have any suggestions?



  1. I have injected at relatives, on business trips, on a boat (booze cruise for work, that was interesting), on an airplane, in the car on a long ride…INSANITY. I bought a little injection cooler from my pharmacy. I has pockets for all of your needles, alcohol and a center for the actual drug. You just put two little ice packs on either side. It is lightweight and tiny. I just bring extra ice packs, throw it in a freezer (or worse case have bought some frozen ones on the road). When family asks about the ice packs, I say, I need to ice my wrists at night to avoid carpel or some other nonsense ailment. Never questioned again. You just swap em out and never move the medicine.

  2. Actually yes, we had a very similar situation last 4th of July when we went up to visit my MIL and FIL (and the rest of the family). I had told my parents we were cycling, but we didn’t want to have to explain everything to his family yet. We ended up bringing a cooler packed with pop, juice, milk and freezer packs, and I would covertly switch out the freezer packs every 12 hours to make sure the follistim stayed cool enough with the beverages in my little cooler. With the sharps container and alcohol wipes, we left them buried in our luggage, and no one was the wiser. I would stick the follistim pen in my pants waistband with an alcohol wipe, go to the bathroom an inject, come back to the room and dispose of the needle in the sharps container. No one ever said a word. I felt so sneaky though. I really wished we could have just told them (or at least MIL). . .we did end up telling them about a month later. Go figure! Good luck=). I’m sure you can be sneaky like a ninja=). Oh, and as for monitoring, if you need to leave later due to monitoring, can you use work as an excuse? I have blamed work so many times for IF stuff!

    • Thanks for your comment. I hope I will be able to be sneaky like a ninja. I will have to see if we can come up with a good reason to bring a small cooler.

    • That is cool. I didn’t know they made anything like that. I will have to check an see if my local drug store carries that. Thanks!

  3. i’m not sure about just putting it in her fridge and hoping she doesn’t notice, bc what if she throws it away on accident or finds it? maybe you can put the meds in a cooler pouch and you can somehow put a tiny lock on it?? even if the lock doesn’t work, just to emphasize that no one should be looking in there. and quite frankly, i don’t think ppl would think that they were fertility meds. maybe you can say you’ve been having tummy issues lately and are on certain meds and just leave it at that? i hope they’re not too nosy and that you fly under the radar :o)

  4. I’ve never had to go on a trip with the follistim, but I have had to plan injections away from the house and I did like the others. Carried a cooler pack with the folli.stim and then just kept everything else in my purse. I actually carried a small tupperware container instead of the sharps container to dispose of the needles.

    Sneaky like a ninja. 🙂

  5. Oh, that’s a really tricky situation! I stress about not drinking in front of others during the wait, but I’ve never had to deal with this! Kristen’s suggestion sounds really good, though.

  6. hollytraveling

    That’s quite the pickle. Not something, luckily, I’ve had to deal with…yet. You got some good suggestions though. That bag sounds cool and I would love to be a ninja myself. Good luck.

  7. I have taken Follistim away from my house but it was always somewhere without random relatives so I didn’t have to worry about explaining it. Could you put it in a ZipLock bag and then hide it at the bottom of some other food you brought along to refrigerate? Or if you don’t mind swapping out ice packs or ice, you could bring a cooler that just stays in your own room. Those ice packs stay cold for quite a while so you wouldn’t have to do it that often.

  8. EC

    I don’t have any ideas, but Kristen’s suggestions seems like it would totally work! Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with monitoring at that point, so you won’t have to adjust your schedule.

  9. Kelly

    I like what Kristen had to say. Sorry you won’t be home, but I’d go with the hiding thing. It’s just easier.

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