One more day

I only have one more day of bc pills left to take! Woot! I can feel af gearing up too. I have been having cramps and the normal type things I have before she arrives. Some days I wonder if she will come early, but I am hoping she shows up on time (a week from today or tomorrow) because the hubby is going out of town for a few days in the middle of the week. I need him there since I will be having my sono with my baseline. Come on valium do your job and let me do awesome and give me the confidence boost.

We are going to a cook out today after work. My mother had sent me a easy strawberry pie recipe in email and I decided to make the pie for the cook out. However, the cook out is very soon after I get home for work so I would not have time to make it. So I started making this pie last night at like 9:30pm and finished around 11:30pm lol. It has a graham cracker crust that smelled sooo good. I”m going to take a picture of it before I leave tonight so I can post it later. It looks rather pretty and I’m proud of it. I hope everyone likes it. They will be my guinea pigs. My mom has had it before and says it’s good so it should be.

Also, last night when I decided to catch up on blogs, wordpress was down. Because of that I used my google address which posts the name LowFat. So if you saw that on your blog, it was still me 🙂 I didn’t finish catching up, but I will soon.



  1. Mmm that pie sounds good. Can’t wait to see the pic 🙂 Will you post the recipe if it comes out well? My sister and I might be going strawberry picking this weekend and it would be a good use for some.

    • Sure. I hope it does come out well 🙂

  2. EC

    The pie sounds delicious! Let us know how it turned out!

  3. Mmmm, pie sounds amazing!

    I heard had a major crash. Lots of people lost their entire blogs. Glad to see yours is safe and sound.

    • Really? wow. All I knew was that the site was down and this morning it was ok. I had no idea people lost their blogs. I will have to look into that yikes!

  4. Nic

    Mmmmmm pie sounds good!
    So exciting to be finishing you bcp’s!!! Hope she turns up on time.
    Nic x

  5. I am on birth control pills, yesterday started my third week and i want to throw these things out the damn window. i hate them, how do people take these just because they want to???? i’m on them for two more weeks.

    take a picture of the pretty pie!

    • Sorry your having such a hard time. I was on them way back when for years and years. Prolly more than 10. Yuck.

  6. Mmmm…the pie sounds great!!

  7. YAY for 1 more day!!! Have a great weekend, and yum that pie sounds delish!!

  8. Yes, please post the recipe for the pie! I’m a sucker for anything with graham cracker crust.

    I hope AF is on the way for a visit!!

  9. sienna

    oooh, the strawberry pie sounds super duper tasty! never had it before, but now i will be looking for it everywhere. yaay to ending bcp’s and hello to aunt flow :o)

    ps – a real life friend might’ve found my blog, so i’ve made it private (just to myself) for a few days. will “undo” it soon :o)

  10. hollytraveling

    Woo hoo for the end of BCP!!! Pie sounds yummy. I thought the wordpress thing was just my computer. I tried to log on…and nothing. Weird.

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