Last week

Tomorrow I start my last week of birth control pills. Woot. When I realized this I opened up my pills to show my husband. I was like LOOK!! He wasn’t as excited as I was lol. If my body is good and reliable I should probably be having my sono June 22nd, but we will see. It will be neat to see if I am right on this estimation. I have felt a little off today with my stomach. It is probably because lunch didn’t agree with me. However, that didn’t stop my brain from going off on other tangents. One thought I had was maybe I’m ovulating or maybe if I stopped taking the pills we could try and then get pregnant. I know, I know not smart. I’m going to be a good girl and finish the pills.

Yesterday we went to a gre.ek festival and it was pretty fun. There was lots of food to try and things to look at. I also ended up buying a bracelet. I’m actually starting to have a nice collection of this type of jewelry. The bracelet I got is called the evil eye. It can also be a hamsa. Basically the gist of this type of jewelry is that it’s supposed to ward off the evil eye, to keep you safe, and to bring you good luck. This is an explanation about a hamsa and here is one about the evil eye. My bracelet looks like this one. The husband doesn’t like it because it says it looks like there are a bunch of eyeballs looking at him and doesn’t totally believe in the concept of it warding off evil spirits and bringing you good luck, but I find it comforting. The eyes also kinda look like follicles so I hope it brings me some good luck in my upcoming cycle.

What else? Not that much. W.o.rk is w.or.k, but it’s going well. Friday was interesting though because I felt like I was being followed by pregnant women and I was sick of reading stuff about pregnant women. I’m doing better now though. Today I have managed to get a lot done so I feel that it’s successful. I cleaned up some of the kitchen, have done three loads of laundry, finally unpacked, picked up some clothes, snuggled and took a nap with the cat, and finished the last Soo.kie Sta.ckho.use book. So sad I have to wait for another one to come out. Before I had been reading through the series the others were out already. I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.



  1. Jessica are almost done with the BCP’s!! I wish you much luck this next cycle.

  2. MK

    Ha! I would have been excited too! I was miserable on BCPs before having my lap in December. Never again!!

  3. hollytraveling

    Yippee! I’m so happy it’s the last week, and I totally would be going through the same mental tangents. I like the bracelet. It’s a bit disconcerting, but I find that oddly comforting. Hope it brings you really good luck!

  4. Yay for being almost finished with the BCPs! I see what your husband means about that bracelet, but I am glad that it is comforting for you — it is always nice to have something special that helps ease anxieties/worries.

  5. Yay!! There is light at the end of the tunnel and you can get this show on the road. 🙂

    I think the bracelet is great and I hope it wards off the evil eye and brings you tons of good luck.

  6. Huge YAY for almost being done with the bc!! You are almost there! 🙂

  7. so glad the pills are almost over. i hang up an evil eye in my classroom 🙂 a student gave it to me!

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