5 days of bc pills

I feel like I haven’t written in a while, though it has only really been four days. There is not much to report when I am just taking birth control pills for a couple of weeks and not really cycling. I sometimes wonder how much I should write about my normal boring day to day stuff since this is mostly an IF blog. I think I may pepper in some stuff and see how it goes. Anyways, taking the bc pills is going well I suppose, but I have found myself feeling a little emotional at times. This feeling could also be from the fact that the hubs and I have been feeling like we need a vacation and some time off of work badly. Luckily a holiday is coming up. While we aren’t taking a “holiday” we are going to visit my parents and my grandmother will be there as well. I worked extra hours so I could have friday off and I have to use my paid time off for monday (don’t get me started) so I am looking at a four day weekend after tomorrow. Thank goodness. Friday is also our four year wedding anniversary so yea for that.

Between working a lot, getting addicted to caf.e wor.ld on fb, and staying up late for season finales (Did you guys watch Lo.st?) I managed to get behind in blog reading. I tried catching up some tonight, but my eyes started closing and I just had to stop. I hope to catch up with everyone soon. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.



  1. Nic

    I know how you feel. I am on BC pills and in limbo. Who wants to read about boring stuff, BUT it is our blog, we cant write what we want so write what ever you need

  2. When you’re on BCP, the world seems to kind of stop, right? I still like reading your updates, though! I hope you have a great long weekend – enjoy the extra days off!

  3. Ugh, I hate BCPs. They always made me feel miserable. I hope they aren’t too bad and that you still enjoy your long weekend!!

  4. Enjoy your long weekend!! And yes, all the tv finales have been great but super time consuming! The Lost finale was amazing, although it of course left me wanting some more answers but that’s Lost for you!

  5. rainingblossoms

    I love hearing about your days, even if it’s not about IF!! Keep the updates coming!

  6. hollytraveling

    Happy anniversary! Have fun on your long weekend, and I for one would love to hear about your day-to-day stuff.

  7. Jessica

    Happy Anniversary!! Have a great weekend.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you had a great weeekend! The bcps are horrible! I hope they go by fast! xo

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