What day do you start? *edited*

I picked up my birth control pills on tuesday. However, I haven’t started taking them yet. Ever since I started taking birth control pills I always started the pack on sunday. If it was in the middle of the week I waited until sunday. I know that you can start in the middle of the week because my pills always came with stickers that let you chose what day you wanted to start on. What day do you guys normally start your birth control pills when you were on them? My analytical husband was trying to figure out when I normally get my period and how starting in the middle of the week would push me getting my period off by a few days and that might mess up our schedule. I think I’m going to just stick to starting on sundays.

Last night I took a big step for me. Well sorta. I emailed someone I know who is now pregnant from IVF. She is the girl I wrote about who is pregnant with twins a few entries back. I don’t know her all that well though we are in a group together that is supposed to foster that. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and then finally bit the bullet. I thought about saying it face to face but I was too nervous to and when I was near her we were always surrounded by lots of people. So I emailed. It was a quick email just telling her that I am going through IF too and a tiny bit of my story. After I sent it I checked my email a lot to see if she had responded. However, she still hasn’t. Maybe she isn’t obsessive like me and doesn’t check her email a million times a day. I don’t know. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet so I am being impatient. I wish she would say something though. I thought about what I would say if I was in her position and someone emailed me about going through the same thing. I am not sure what I would say so maybe she is having trouble with that. I guess I would say I am so sorry you have to go through this too and maybe commiserate and share experiences. I just keep thinking about it and wondering what her response is/going to be. Will she not say anything at all? I hope she does.


She responded! She has the same RE as me and was totally nice about it. Yea!



  1. First of all, I’m liking the new header! Did you make that all yourself? I like it a lot. =)

    I have sent emails to a few people/bloggers regarding different topics, and most of the time, I never even get an acknowledgement that they’ve read the email. On a few of them, they have little comments on their blogs that they’re “email-friendly.” Yeah, right.

    So, my point is, don’t feel too bad if you don’t hear anything from this girl. And try not to take it personally. It’s frustrating that she’s in your support group but she’s not being “supportive.” It’s kinda like those bloggers who stop blogging when they finally get a BFP. I find it sooooo irritating. Sure, they want to be involved in the IF world and gather up all the virtual hugs they can when they’re not pregnant, but as soon as they see their two lines, they take a permanent hiatus from their blog and forget about the people who were there for them when things weren’t so peachy. Grrrr.

    I think you’ve touched a nerve. Lol! I may have to blog/bitch about this phenomenon. Maybe I’ll do it for ICLW 😉

    • yes, I did make the banner all by myself 😉 Thanks!

      I will try not to feel too bad about it if she doesn’t respond. It will just clarify things even clearer in my mind about the group. You should write about it. I can tell it really irks you.

  2. You know her IRL, right? I bet she will respond. I check my email obsessively, too, so I would be thinking the same as you, but hang in there 🙂 Keep us posted as to what she says~

    • Yes, I do know her irl, though that that well.

  3. I am also an email addict. 🙂 I have a feeling she will respond. Sometimes I will sit on an email (or wait to comment on a blog) as I am gathering my thoughts. You know what I mean? I’m hoping that’s what she’s doing.

    As for the BCPs, I always create a little excel sheet that calculates when I WANT to get my period. (I always get my period on the third day after I take my last pill.) Then I start the pills 21 days from the day I need to take my last pill. It is annoying if it doesn’t start on a Sunday, but worth the (tiny) hassle so you can cycle when you want to. There is so *little* in our control, it’s helpful for me to attempt to sorta control something. 🙂

  4. hollytraveling

    When I was on the pill regularly, I started it on a Sunday after my period. However, when I took them to get rid of the cyst, the nurse told me to just start it any day I wanted and rearrange the stickers so I knew what day I started. I never planned it to get my period on a certain day.

    About the emailing, a coworker of Blue’s and his wife have been trying for their second for five years. Anyway I reached out to her a while back. It took her a few days to get back to me too, but she was really helpful and willing to help me out in anyway she could. I get the same way when I send an email. I expect people to respond immediately and when they don’t, I think they never will. I have total faith this lady will get in touch. After all, she knows all too well the pain of IF, even if she’s now pregnant.

    And do you go to a support group? I read a reference to it in another post you wrote and I didn’t know what kind of group it is.

    • It isn’t a support group. It’s more like a religious group.

  5. So glad she responded! I hope she can be a huge support for you moving forward. A friend of mine did IVF and she has been so awesome through our treatments. There is such a common bond bewteen IFers.

  6. I’m glad that she responded, too! I know how hard it is to reach out to anyone about IF, but it’s a hundred times worse if you don’t get a response — feels a bit like rejection.

    Does she have any advice regarding the RE, since she has the same one? It’s always interesting to compare notes with someone.

  7. Oh, so glad she emailed and how cool you both go to the same RE!!! I bet she’ll be a great resource and support for you. And I say you just go with whatever works best for you in regards to the bc! If Sunday is your day, then go for it!

  8. I’m so glad she responded – it’s so good to have people in the same situation to talk to!!! As for the pill…my doc says for me to start it 2-3 days after my period starts…so i have to use the stickers 🙂

  9. Wow! She responded! My faith is restored. Still writing that post, though. ;P

  10. I always used to wait ’til Sunday, too. It just satisfied my anal sensibilities. 🙂 However, for IVF, my IVF nurse told me exactly what day to start the BCP’s. I think you have to start the pills within 3 days of day 1 of your period. They should be communicating that with you! 😦 I would ask for a print-out of the schedule, so you can double check with them as you go along.

    • I’m not doing ivf just yet. I’m just starting my period so I can do another injectable cycle.

  11. I always started on the first day of AF.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! We are waiting to see the urologist because DHs numbers weren’t great, but the RE doesn’t think it’s that bad and we know that there IS a problem with ME. 🙂

  12. hollytraveling

    Just wanted to pop back in to say I’m so glad she wrote. And it’s pretty cool she had your same RE.

  13. When I was on the pill, I always started on cd1, whenever that was. I guess if I would have been thinking about it, I would have moved it to Sundays to have a very predictable AF. I was only on them for about a year tho, so who knows.

    I’m glad that she responded to your email. It’s always amazing to connect with someone IRL that is going down this road.

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