Grumbles *edited*

Just got the call back from my RE’s office. I’m not sure what the person’s position is, but I don’t like what she is telling me. She said the blood work showed that I did not ovulate (duh!) and that she wants me to wait another two weeks to see if my period shows up and then they will make sure I am not pregnant again and give me the provera then. I was like what?? I already waited two weeks and had two blood tests that show that I’m not pregnant, why do I need to wait another two weeks? She said well I haven’t ovulated yet so they want to wait and see if I do or something. So I said this will be like a natural cycle and she said yes. I told her I don’t understand why they won’t just give me the provera now because my period may go absent for a while, and she answers well thats why we only make you wait two additional weeks. She said that I am on day 14. I was like how am I on day 14 if I never had a day one with a full flow? She said that they count day one as the day that I stop my progesterone. I guess I understand now what she meant in days waiting, I was thinking she was saying day 14 of my cycle, and that is not CD 1. I was really stating my ground and giving her push back which I could tell was kind of annoying her. She just wanted me to take my information and then hang up. I told her I apologize for being difficult, but I’m just trying to figure this out and understand it and that they have given me provera before to bring on my period after a cycle did not work. She didn’t say anything to that. So then she goes in my file to investigate that they truely did this and then her computer froze so she has to call me back. Gah. Let’s see what she comes back with.


Just got the call back. They think that my spotting might have been my period, but it wasn’t a very good flow. They said my estrogen was really low which is what buffs up my lining so that might be why. They said that they are going to put me on birth controls for three weeks and then I can call them when I get my period with a full flow. I asked what the difference is between going on birth control versus just provera and they said they wanted me to have more estrogen, which will give me more flow, a true cycle. That makes me feel a little bit better. I mean I hate that I have to wait another three weeks. However, I understand a little better that they are buffing up my lining. It means I don’t have to wait two weeks to do something (to get provera), then another ten days till I can wait to get my period and then possibly two more weeks till I actually got af like they were saying before. Still sucky, but I can deal. I’ll have to find fun things to do to make the time go by. Maybe going on bc pills will regulate my hormones and make the next cycle kick ass. Who knows. I’m just trying to have a positive outlook.

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  1. AGH! How frustrating! Is it just me or does it seem like the rest of the world never acknowledges how important every single day is to us that are TTC?

    I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with this. I hope they see it your way and give you the provera.

  2. Nic

    AHHH, so frustrating!! I really hope they get this sorted for you soon!

  3. Ugh! You must be so frustrated! I hope things get figured out soon!

  4. how very frustrating, but i get the logic in what they’re saying. it seems like half of us are dying to get our periods, while the other half are holding their breath hoping it never comes. so i say, we all get a certain number of “aunt flow” tickets that we can turn in for redemption any time we want our periods!! you figure, there are enough chics trying to avoid/get period at any given time, so this should balance out, yes? meanwhile, i’ll keep being delusional and dreaming. but i’m glad that they have a plan for you :o)

  5. hollytraveling

    Those kinds of nurses always bug me. It’s like they don’t even bother to check your chart and just give you some canned speech and then they act like you’re crazy when you tell them you did something completely opposite. Good for you for pushing back and I’m glad the outcome is something you’re on board with. And I totally think BCP will make this cycle rock!

    • Your so right! It’s like they were told to tell you something and then don’t even look at your history and get mad when you take more than a minute or two to talk. Guess there is one in every office.

  6. Sorry about the crappy cycle and the BCP. Missing/very light AFs are infuriating. Hopefully the BCPs give you a nice fresh start and next cycle is much better. Thinking of you!

  7. Oh gosh, I am so sorry about all the confusion! Hoping that somehow everyone (including your cycle) can get back on the same page, SOON!

  8. Sooo frustrating! I hope your cycle starts behaving itself so you can get started before too long!

  9. SO FRUSTRATING!!! I’m finishing up my 3 weeks of pills…i’m glad they gave you that explaination – I was wondering why they didn’t just give me provera too. Sorry you have to wait – hopefully these answers make it easier.

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