I was not looking forward to mother’s day. I expected to be bombarded by mother’s day commercials and people celebrating. I however, got a good message in a place that I didn’t expect to. I went to church with my husband and thought that they would have all the mother’s stand up, but they didn’t. Instead in the pastor’s sermon he mentioned infertility said something that made me teary and thankful. I waited to write about it because I was hoping to get the podcast so I could get the exact wording right. However, it still isn’t posted so I’m just going to do my best though I know it won’t be as eloquent. He said that he knows that on a day to celebrate mom’s there are many who want to be mom’s but are not able to and that it is hard. He said that to remember that many women in the bible had trouble becoming mom’s and had to wait a long time and prayed to god for a long time before they became mom’s. He pointed out that of those women who had to wait a long time to get pregnant that their children were very important in history and that those who are wanting to be mom’s will find a way to mother and provide support and love to those who need it. In the end he said for those who are wanting to be a mom to keep their chins up and to keep the faith. I thought about emailing him afterwards to thank him for thinking about those who can’t get pregnant, but I haven’t yet. I’m not sure if I want to out myself.

In my saga I talked to the nurse at my RE’s office today. I wanted to come up with a plan since I still don’t have AF for sure. She said that she wants me to wait until next monday to see if I get a period. If I don’t I should come in on monday for another beta and progesterone check. She said she doesn’t think that there is a chance that the beta will be positive, but that she wants to make sure I’m not pregnant before she gives me anything that will make me bleed. She mentioned something about my progesterone levels being low when I had my beta, which made me wonder about ovulation, but I had the ovidrel shot so that would have made me ovulate correct? I’m going to ask about that the next time I talk to someone. Sounds like I will have to take provera or something on Monday, which means I probably won’t be able to cycle until at least two weeks more after that. I just hope that I respond this time and don’t have to go through what I did before – prometrium for ten days and then having to wait for another two weeks for my period never to show. Please don’t let me go through that again.



  1. I’m glad you got to hear a positive message on Sunday. Sounds like a good one!
    Sorry about the AF drama – how annoying! I hope she shows up soon and you don’t have to go the prometrium/wait two weeks route again.

  2. Ugh. I hate when AF takes forever to show up. She always shows when we don’t want her, though, doesn’t she?

    My dad preached a great mother’s day sermon, too. He talked about the “weeping mother,” and mentioned infertile women and women with recurring miscarriages. I was crying like an idiot and so was my sister! lol

  3. hollytraveling

    Wow, what a great message. That definitely would’ve made me feel so much better.

    That truly sucks about AF and I hate the pregnancy test just to prove you’re not pregnant. Sorry you can’t cycle for a couple of weeks and I hope you don’t have to go through what you did last time.

    Also, for the ovidrel shot, I said something to one of the nurses at the RE once about the possibility of not ovulating because AF was taking her sweet time in showing up. She didn’t rule it out entirely but she said the whole point of the shot is to force you to ovulate so the chances I didn’t were pretty damn slim. I’d say the same applies to you.

    I hope everything goes smoothly and you can cycle soon!!!!

  4. rainingblossoms

    As usual, I have little advice, but LOTS of support for you!. I hope AF rears her head soon so you can move on to the next cycle.


  5. What a great sermon! I know it’s all about Mothers on Mother’s Day, but there are all the other women (like us) who long to be others and it’s so nice for someone to acknowledge that.

    I’m hoping that AT shows up without delay and you can get started on your next cycle soon.

  6. That is super frustrating about AF, I hope the beta on Monday gives you some answers very soon!! Haning in there!

  7. How wonderful that the TTC crowd and our longing to be a mother was not ignored by your pastor. TTC is such a lonely journey and it is nice to hear someone mention it in an empathetic way. If you don’t want to out yourself, perhaps consider sending an anonymous note to your pastor in the mail. I think it is important to acknowledge the moment that touched you so deeply.

  8. I wish I could’ve heard that sermon, how refreshing and soothing to hear that on such a hard day. ((hugs)) I’m thinking of you and hoping AF comes sooooon or maybe that you can begin the next cycle sans period? xo

  9. I’d really love to hear that sermon – in my church they had mother’s stand up…kinda sad for me. I know I’m late in catching up on this – so I’ll keep reading to see what happens with AF. xo

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