Is she?

Yesterday while shopping I felt like af was imminent. I went to the bathroom and wiped and had pink and a tiny bit on my pad. I was spotting. Damn. I was upset, but didn’t let it out. All through out the day I kept checking and she never got any heavier so I figured I was just spotting then (saturday) and that I would start cd 1 today (sunday). This is what I normally do – have one day of spotting and then the next day my period comes. However, today, she still isn’t fully here. I wipe and there is pink, but after a wipe or two there isn’t much there anymore. I barely have anything on my pad. What the heck is af doing? Is she going to show up or what? I feel like she is imminent, she just doesn’t seem to want to get any heavier than she is. My mom said that when she was pregnant with me she swears she got her period. I am trying not to think about that because I’m 98% sure that I am just spotting extra and then she will show up for real. I would just think that if I had a medicated cycle with 6mm lining that the cycle would be heavy. I’m sure I’ll get the negative tomorrow, but for now I’ll just take many trips to the bathroom to continually check things out. Have any of you guys had anything similar? I bet it is because I am still on the progesterone suppositories.



  1. Nic

    OMG, how frustrating! I can not help I am afraid.
    I hope that she doesnt show and you get a positive

  2. Well, I certainly hope it’s just spotting, and that she doesn’t come. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

    That said, though… when I was on progesterone it did hold my period off for a few days…

  3. Yuck. I 100% hate spotting. It has never meant anything but a coming period for me, even though every time I wish I was one of “those people” who spot before their BFP!! Keep us posted!!

  4. Most likely it is AF. I just posted about it because it is out of the ordinary and interesting. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, but a little bit is creeping in. Gotta squash it.

  5. bir

    Isn’t it amazing how even when we think all hope is gone, it’s still there in the teensiest ‘unsquashable’ kind of way?
    Prog does the same to me I’m afraid. Spotting and delayed arrival of AF. I hope that your story turns out different… ♥

  6. It took me three days if spotting before AF arrived when I was on the progesterone, I hope it is just spotting and she stays away!

  7. hollytraveling

    Ugh, how annoying. The feeling of limbo is the worst. Here’s hoping!!

  8. EC

    How aggravating! It would be hard not to get your hopes up, but it is possible it’s the progesterone. I hope it’s not, though, and that instead you get a bfp!

    Either way, I hope you know for sure what’s going on soon. I hate not knowing!

  9. Yeah, progesterone delayed me by about three days. The not knowing must be awful. Hang in there!

  10. Hang in there just a bit longer. This is definitely interesting and I’m hoping beyond hope that it turns out our BFP is right around the corner!!!

  11. thinking of you! hoping it’s the good kind of spotting! 🙂

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