Rice Kr.ispi.es Treats

They keep playing a commercial on tv for rice kr.ispi.es. There is a dad with his two kids and it’s raining outside so they are making rice kr.isp.ies treats. This has gotten me craving rice kr.ispie.s. I guess the commercial did it’s job 🙂

Thanks for all who noted me on my last entry about the symptoms. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if they truly are symptoms or not. Most of you said not to listen to the symptoms because you felt like the cycles you had the least symptoms you were pregnant and the most symptoms you weren’t. I understand that and have read that a lot of the same information too. However, this is the first cycle where I have had real symptoms that lasted for a bit. Most cycles I barely have anything in regards to symptoms and what I do have only lasts about ten minutes. So it’s hard to not think about it this time. I hope this entry isn’t too annoying for you guys to read.

I caved today when I went to the grocery store and bought some pregnancy tests. There are only two in the box though so I want to be able to hold out a little. Tomorrow is 9dpo so I don’t think I’m going to test until at least 10dpo, maybe 12dpo at the earliest.

Today I felt like I worked a lot. I felt tired again, but not as wiped as saturday/sunday. I got some nausea for a little while, but then it went away. Then later in the day my bra started hurting and got very uncomfortable. The strap was making the area under my boobs hurt as well as my boobs achy, and it made me want to take my bra off at work, but then it went away again. I don’t think anyone would have wanted me to take my bra off at work lol. So *shrugs* I’m hesitant to keep posting my symptoms and talking about them since you all are most likely right in that it’s nothing and I’m going to end up not pregnant. However, I can’t help myself. Gotta keep my brain busy and hopefully time will pass. Luckily I will be at a conference tomorrow, my parents will be here all weekend and then my beta is on Monday. My birthday is also soon so yea for that.



  1. hollytraveling

    First, happy early birthday. Second, the symptoms might be something, but even if they aren’t it’s super hard not to obsess, so I say obsess. Third, think of me as your guardian angel speaking from above “DO NOT TEST EARLY.” At least, do not test at 10 DPO. It may be negative even if it’s positive and that’ll just really mess with your head. Lastly, have fun with your parents!! Oh and if the stork does find his way, can you let me know where I’m at? Lol.

    • If it happens to be positive, I will tell the stork to come visit you 🙂 Thanks for the early birthday wishes.

  2. Jen

    I agree with the commenter above about not testing too early. I was negative at 12dpo and positive at 14…. for whatever that is worth! Hope your week and weekend go quickly!

    • I remember that. It seems so long ago. You were my first if person to get pregnant

  3. I am absolutely the wrong person to try to encourage you to hold off on testing, as I am a habitual early tester. Whatever you decide to do, I am hoping and hoping and praying and praying that this cycle is the one for you!

    • I’m ok I think on holding off on testing, it’s the obsessing and time moving slowly I’m having an issue with 🙂

  4. GEEZ 9 DPO? I would have used 8 or 9 tests already, lol. BTW…hubby is going to have to make me rice crispie treats tomorrow, yum yum!

  5. I think you should post your symptoms!! If not for anything but a record from here on out of what you’ve felt before. I never (really) believe symptoms either, but I continue to post mine because I want to be able to look back and remind myself that “whatever” is nothing new! But heck, we’re all hoping and praying yours are REAL pregnancy symptoms!!

    • Thanks 😉 I agree with you. I use my blog to look back on things and compare from month to month. I hope they are real too.

  6. Hey, there is nothing wrong in believe they ARE pregnancy symptoms. Because a) they could be and b) why not hope for the best!! And I agree, it doesn’t hurt to use your blog to document this stuff. You are SO close, and I’m hoping in a few days you will know these symptoms were the real thing!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  7. Happy early birthday! I think your symptoms sound promising … now that you have the HPTs in your house how are you able to resist the temptation?!

    Now I want a Rice Kr.ispie treat, too!! haha

  8. …did someone say rice krispie treats? Nice going, that craving won’t go away until I get some!

    Thanks for stopping by. And when is your birthday? Mine is Thursday – are we bday twins?!

    • My birthday is may 5 – next wednesday

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