What is the difference?

What is the difference between getting sick, having allergies, and pregnancy symptoms? They all have overlapping symptoms.

Last night I started to have a bit of nausea. I didn’t have stomach cramps with it so I don’t think it was ibs. It stuck with me for a little bit an then went away. Husband says it has been a high allergy day for three days and that it is probably post nasal drip. I found it weird since I wasn’t stuffy and I couldn’t really tell you if it was allergies or not because I only normally get a very small amount when pollen is really high.

I went to bed and I did not sleep well. I kept waking up and had parts of two dreams – a weirdish one about work and one about proffesional ice skating. When I woke up I felt bleh. Tired, off, a bit of a stuffy nose, dry throat, and a tiny bit of nausea. As I am waking up some the stuffiness is getting a little better.

So how do you tell the difference between getting sick, allergies, or pregnancy symptoms? I guess hind sight. Boobs aren’t really achy anymore though. I also have had some lower abdominal cramping. Could also partly be the progesterone. I am seven dpo today.



  1. The thing is, you just can’t really tell the difference between IPS and RPS. But, your symptoms sound promising!


  2. Pie

    Honestly, I never rely on these symptoms, because exactly what you say – they can be for a million reasons other than pregnancy. Pregnant people without symptoms at all, non-pregs with lots of symptoms, and vice versa and every which way. I think they are a cruel joke, so I tend to ignore and buy lots and lots of internet cheapie HPTs. POAS all the time!

    Fingers crossed!!

  3. I agree- dang symptoms are so unreliable. I’ll be hoping that yours are pregnancy ones, though!! Are you an early tester?

    • Not really. I tend to test at like 10 at the earliest, but I may try to wait a bit longer.

  4. hollytraveling

    Yeah, I never know myself. My allergies have been present and alternately bad for the past few months so if I have a headache or other ailment I usually associate it to that. However, it can so easily swing the other way. My fingers are crossed for you; come one BFP.

  5. Nic

    OMG I am 7dpo and I am having the same signs!! (to be fair, mine is mot prob due to my weekend of partying as I dont think theer is a chance of me being PG)…. anyway, back to you…sorry! It is very hard when we are in the 2ww and analysing every twinge etc. I wish I could help you with how you work out the difference, but I dont know myself.
    I hope it is early PG signs!

    • Yea for being the same dpo. Glad you had an awesome weekend. Your right youvnever know with symptoms 😉

  6. stuffiness is a good sign! 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. All those symptoms are signs, but honestly, I can’t tell the difference between being sick, having allergies and pregnancy symptoms.

    I’m really hoping that these are signs that it’s a BFP! Good luck!!

  8. S

    The only cycle in which I had no “symptoms” (at least not that I identified) was the one in which I was actually pregnant. So I don’t pay attention to any early symptoms, be they tender breasts, spotting, nausea, nasal congestion or anything else. I’ve had almost all of them in one failed cycle or other, and they meant nothing.

    Not trying to be discouraging. I just don’t think you can tell from symptoms which could mean a lot of different things. And my friends who’ve been pregnant mostly say that they had no symptoms until after their + HPT.

  9. Ahh, the symptoms can seriously make you crazy huh??? And then add in the progesterone supp symptoms, its like we’re totally screwed when it comes to correctly analyzing them, hah! Well, I have everything crossed that yours are the real deal preggo ones!!!

  10. sienna

    good questions. i’m constantly mistaking all these symptoms. in the last year, i thought i was ‘pregnant’ about 14 times. and each time i was nauseous, i was gloriously happy (err, bc i thought i was pregnant you silly goose!!). but i’ve learned my lesson. now, even though my period is SERIOUSLY late, instead of thinking “could i have conceived through immaculate conception”, i’m thinking that my mind is just screwing with my body and bc i’m sick on top of it all, that THAT is why no period yet.

    wouldn’t it be nice for us not to have to spend 23 hours a day analyzing our symptoms? *hugs*

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