I went to a meeting off campus today with a bunch of people. During the meeting one guy was talking about diseminating information. I could have sworn he said insemination LOL. I guess that tells you where my brain is 🙂

Before we left the meeting some people were sharing some personal information. One person was saying that their child is in the finishing stages of possibly adopting a baby (after trying to be matched almost ten times) and that it could cost $40,000. Another person said well it only cost me $15 when I got pregnant beacuse of the co-pay. I was like woah, holy crap, only $15? I pay more than that in a co-pay to my RE every time I go over there not to mention drugs and other things. I wish it was that easy for all of us. It just seems like the having kids follows you everywhere. On the way home my boss said, "So you’ve been married almost four years? Are you guys thinking about having kids?" I thought about telling her – it would be easier having her know so if I was late to work one day because of sometihng or because of my mood or whatever, but I didn’t. I will probably wait and see if I can avoid telling her. Maybe I will if I have to have a lap, but hopefully I won’t get to that.

Anyways, I’m 4dpo and not feeling that much. Though I guess I wouldn’t since implantation doesn’t even start until day 6. I fell asleep last night on the couch watching stuff on our dvr, but that was just because I had a long day at work and was tired. I hope to have more news of something next time I post.



  1. Haha, your brain is def in the same place mine is 24/7. 🙂

    You are trucking along and doing awesome. Hang in there, LFL!

  2. Haha, try driving by Scotrun PA a time or two… we know where my mind is as well, lol.

    FIngers crossed foro your cycle!

    • Haha, I actually did read it your way the first time. I had to read it again and I was like what is that towns name?

  3. hollytraveling

    insemination…ha ha that’s funny. And $15, jeesh, if only.

    Sounds like everything is going good so far.

  4. Haha to the comment about Scotrun, PA — you know PA has a lot of inappropriate town names (Intercourse, PA — really??). =)

    I’m hoping the rest of this 2ww flies by for you!!

    • I’ve been to intercourse, pa a few times and giggled the whole time 🙂

  5. This happens to me all the time. One time I was reading an email and by mistake they had capitalized both the I and F in “if” and the first thing that popped into my mind was infertility.

    We’re both in our 2WW — I’m hoping for so good luck both of us!!

  6. Hang in there this tww, we’re all here rooting for you…and a big fat BFP at the end of this!! Hope it flies by!!

  7. love the disemination/insemination thing 🙂
    it’s impossible to not to be consumed by IF…to the point it’s comical, right? About sharing the personal info – I had to share it with my boss cuz I’m late so much – but obviously, just do what you’re comfortable with

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