New progesterone

I haven’t blogged in a few days because I wasn’t sure what to post about. I am passed ovulation, we are done trying, and am now almost at 3dpo. I fixed my turtle ticker and I like how it looks. The sides are kinda rainbow looking and it looks like he is swimming. I think I’ve done ok so far on not obsessing. But I do have to admit I googled a bit about symptoms already. I want to say I’m going to be chill through this 2ww, but I doubt I will not obsess about symptoms.

I received my progesterone suppositories in the mail on saturday. When I opened them, I was like huh? what the heck is this? I am used to having my progesterone suppositories coming in a small box with dividers. All you have to do is open the box and pull one out. This time they came in two big circular containers with lids. To get the suppositories out you have to take the lid off, grab this plastic thingy and push down really hard on one of the holes on top until they pop out below. Then I have to take the lid off. It looks like this. It took a little bit to get used to getting them out of the container, but once I get them out I think I like them better than the other kind I was using. They seem to “melt” better and I feel like they are working better. I have no basis for that, but I feel tiny symptoms (tiny bit of breast tenderness) from them that I don’t remember having much of on the other suppositories. So that’s good. I’m also a bit itchy and more thirsty than usual. I think that’s just allergies and dry skin though.



  1. hollytraveling

    Here I come again, tagging right behind you. I think I’m counting tomorrow as 1 DPO.

    The 2ww sucks. I am wishing you all the strength and patience in the universe. And whatever that image is, it looks complicated. Glad they work better though.

  2. here is to hoping that you caught that egg! I am still waiting to ovulate. Good Luck!

  3. Huh. Mine are definitely the divider kind with the separate applicators and suppositories. What you have looks cool and anything that’s less chalky than Endo.metrin sounds good to me!

    • Are endometrium and progesterone similar? I don’t think I’ve been on that. More googling for me. Thanks 😉

  4. They told me at the RE yesterday that there’s a nationwide shortage of Endometrin (huh?!) and they ordered me some progesterone called Crinon. I hope I finally ovulate in a few weeks and actually get to use it!

    You’re doing awesome and had an amazing cycle. I think your stars have aligned, LFL. 🙂 Just hang right in there. When is your Beta?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever been on endometrium, but that’s weird they have a shortage. I wonder how they make it. In order to figure out my progesterone I watched a video on how they made my suppositories. It was interesting. I’ll have to google crinon and see how similar it is.

      Thanks for the compliments, I’m trying my best. My beta is May 3 – two days before my birthday :/

  5. Good luck this tww, we’ll all be here rooting you on!! This has been a great cycle, and hopefully your new progesterone seals the deal this month!!! Fingers crossed!

  6. hey there – i hope you’re managing to stay sane until your beta. this is the hardest part, it seems. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get good news on the 3rd. what a nice bday present that would be, huh?

  7. Has anyone ever not obsessed during the two week wait? If so, I want to know her secret! I’ll keep on hoping for you!

  8. omg- the 2ww!!!! I hope it goes so so fast for you – it is the worst…i’m nearing the end now…it seems like so far away. weird about the suppository difference, but hey, if these work better – that’s great!…gotta feel better than those shots I’m taking. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I HOPE THIS IS IT!

  9. I tried Crinone first ( Worst stuff, EVAR!) Now I’m on Endometrin. And I personally think this stuff is waaaay better than the crinone. I mean, there is nothing pleasant about shoving tablets up your business on a daily basis, but hey…if it helps, I’m all about it!

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