I went in for my monitoring this morning and my lining was a little over 6 and my follicle went from 18mm to 21mm. Yea for follistim allowing it to grow three mm in one day.

Just got the call back and I’m triggering tonight. Yea for that. May 3rd is my beta.

I wasn’t feeling that hopeful about this cycle earlier. I still am sorta, but I realized something. Well two things. One, my beta is two days before my birthday. I would love to have a great birthday present, but if it is negative, I might be really sad on my birthday and that would suck.

The second thing I realized is about where my follicles are. I’m glad I was able to look back into my blog and figure this out. See if you see a pattern here: First time I got to try – 100mg of clomid – follie on the left side; second time I got to try 7 days of 100mg of clomid – follie on the left side; third time I got to try – First try of Follistim and 5.5mg of Femara – Follie on the left side. I get to try this time on my second try of Follistim with a follie on my right side. This is the very first cycle I’ve ever gotten to try with a follie on my right side. My left ovary is the one that always hides/is way hard to find and is possibly too high, which probably makes it hard I bet for the spermies to reach where they need to go. I’m interested to see how things go this time with my first follie on the right side. Go follicle, please give me a great birthday present.



  1. Ooh, yes! + for your birthday please!!!

  2. omg- i really hope that this right side does the trick! Good luck triggering tonight!!!!! This is SO SO SO exciting!

  3. Keeping our fingers crossed for you!

  4. Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!

  5. Al

    Good luck! Hoping you get a great bday present!

  6. Pie

    Yay for triggering, and double yay for the rightie waking up and joining the game!

  7. hollytraveling

    Really hoping for a great birthday present for you! That would be pretty fantastic.

  8. Jessica

    Yay for triggering tonight!! I hope you get a BFP for your b-day!

  9. Jen

    Good luck! Go Rightie!!!

  10. Good luck! Hope you get the best birthday present ever!

  11. Congrats on making it to trigger and yay for getting to try on the right side! I have everything crossed for an amazing early birthday present for you!!

  12. Nic

    Go follie, go!! Yay for triggering.
    Keeping everything crossed for you

  13. J

    I hope you get your birthday wish!! Good luck! xoxoxo

  14. MK

    Hey! Because of the cyst I didn’t end up triggering. Oh well, what can ya do.
    As for the cinnamon, yes, it’s in capsule form. I take it with Chromium Picolinate (in capsule form too). They both help IMMENSELY in lowering my blood sugar levels, but without the side effects of Metformin! Really, it’s amazing.
    Good luck this cycle!

  15. wishing you tons of good luck & hoping that right sided follie bring you the best birthday present ever!!! 🙂

  16. i hope you get the best birthday present ever! hoping righty brings you some good luck!

  17. Hoping rightie is going to give you a the world’s BEST bday present! Congrats on being PUPO!!! xo

  18. Yay for triggering, and c’mon RIGHT side!!! You never know, that could be your lucky righty ovary. Crossing everything it is, good luck this tww!!!

  19. Sorry, I’m so behind on my blog reading. Just caught up on yours! Sounds like you’ve been figuring out a few things lately. Keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle for you!

  20. just checking in on you! now that you’ve triggered hope you’re having fun 😉 wondering what’s new!

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